Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm so excited right now!! Wanna know why?? You should know why because my title has said it all~XD 

Was planning to buy MacBook Pro 13 inch for Rm4099-student price (Original price was Rm4499) but it was out of stock and I was told that MacBook and MacBook Pro's function is almost the same but MacBook only costs me Rm3499-(student price) Original price was Rm3699. So finally I have made up my mind and chose MacBook instead of MacBook Pro~!!!

I'm now blogging using my MacBook~ Cool huh? After so many years, finally I have got my MacBook Babe!! It's so much convenient now!! It's time to say bye bye to VIRUS~!! Happy*

P/S: I am performing at TTDI Plaza this coming friday starting by 7.30pm. Do drop by if you're free. =)

P/S/S: My Vocal graduation recital is scheduled on the 2nd of November. Do make yourself free that day ya? Will update you guys when I know the exact time. 

Yours truly,
Angela a.k.a deangelogy


:: yvonne :: said...

Hey gal, long time didn't drop by.. So happy for you to get a Mac book, i plan to get one too but at last I get another laptop instead of Mac coz I scare I can't use to it.. :)

ANyway, I've open an online store and boutique, feel free to drop by and let your frens know too.. Thanks so much ya~ :)

ZARA 札拉 said...


So nice liao!

Envy u~

Mine is just Acer, but run the Mac system~ LOL!

@ng31a said...

Yvonne, at first I thought I cannot get used to it too but it was okay. Not that hard to learn how to use. You should get one too!! After that you can say byebye to virus already!! LOL!!

Zara, LOL!!! You install Mac's system?? Cool right?? You should get one too!! It's really cool and it's not too pricey. =)

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