Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I lurve Holidays~!!

We're now having two months of semester break. But yesterday was officially my first day of holiday because I was kinda busy before that due to some gigs, events, classes, and competition. There are more to come but at least I am free for now~ Weeeee~

Just came back from Genting with bi, planned to stay there for a night but all the hotel rooms are fully occupied so we got no choice but to drive back to my damansara's condo. But it's not a bad thing either~ This means we don't need to waste money for the hotel room and I got to get myself a purse from Carlo Rino~!! Wuuuhuuu~~ Oh wait, Bi bought it for me as my birthday present. *Happy* Thank you bi!!

And for now, I am waiting for Eddy, Huey Hsiang and Yirui to come and find me~ They will be staying here tonight so it's gonna be one FUN night. Looking forward to see them..Ling, you've missed all the fun part. Wuuhuu~

Will update my blog again whenever I am free~ Weee~

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