Sunday, November 30, 2008

Someone said my blog boring!!

To those who didn't realize...I've added a poll in my blog~ The question is, "What do you think of my blog?" go vote k? (allow to select multiple answers) have fun!!

And I'm shocked that someone actually said my blog boring loh!! My blog very boring meh?? =.="
(if yes also don't say it out ma...makes me sad only...)

Hahaha...I am just kidding la...just vote whatever you think is right la~^^

Luckily no one voted bitchy YET!! XD


✿公主✿ said...

haha...i don't think so!i think your blog was rock!just don't care whatever they said!keep up your good work!will be back for visit again+link you up girl~!

Joy said...

u shud put all de positive stuff cuz yr blog is reallllyyyy cool ma !!
some ppl jz wana vote de empty ones..even my own best fren voted dat she doesn't wana go tu my blog anymore in front of me..
i noe she's only kidding xD

@ting said...

Ur blog cool ler..+ interesting...nvm bout other ppl say de ma..
ermm...what means bitchy? eng bad o..

@ng31a said...

OMG!! I can't believe I will receive your comment le~!!! Muax!!! Love u so much~!! Hahaha....

Anyways, I actually don't care what they said la...but then I really wanna know is my blog really that boring ma...XD

Oh really?? Why ur friend like this one?? Hahaha....Anyways, thanks for ur comment lo...I won't care about it ge long as u think it's cool..then I'll be very happy already!! I am being very POSITIVE ok? XD

Oh~ You're here too!! hahaha....bitchy is not a good thing mandarin it means 桥婆?err....I also donno how to explain la...but it's a rude thing lo...XD

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

who said that my baby Angela bored?

baka them!

daydreaminggurl said...

if i put a poll.. i think got ppl will go vote me bitchy.. hahaha.. i think the 1st one would be the =).. i wonder who's tat.. hahaha..

Joy said...

hahaha..ya lo..
i ask her do my poll ma..
in front of me..
den i jz lk =.=
so..hahaha xD

独侠令狐冲 said...

Who said ur blog is very boring?
Im gonna kill her/him!

Lingz said...

i would like to say ur blog is very informative !!! .. heheh.. don hesitate..

im still trying to make u confuse ahwkha.. k lar. since u saytat u always hav to think wat im trying to say bout the comment n msg that i gave.!! then now im doing the same thing

haiz.. guess u oso don understnad wat im saying lar.. dono is u stupid. o im too" clever"

Lingz said...

hey. rui!!!.. if i do tat..i think no one vote me ahwhawk.. kos... my blos always sounded "piano"

@ng31a said...

Dear Zara,
Thanks deardear!! hehehe...Muax!!

Go check my poll people said me bitchy alr lo....hahahaha.....But I won't care la...XD

why she so bad ga?? Maybe she wanna make fun of u only la...=)

You got check lar!! See who so bad said my blog boring!! Summore now got people said me bitchy already lo....=.="

seriously I donno what are u talking about lo!!! Hahahahaha....but anyways, I hope it's a good comment la...lolx...

Wakakakaka..."piano" then my blog is moderately fortissimo?? Or what?? Hahahahhaa......XD