Thursday, November 27, 2008

The party is ON!!!

Here are some updates for the party.

Venue: Gasoline at Look out point (langat hill) or some might call it little genting...
Date: 4th dec 2008
Time: 7pm
Dress code: err...what color do you prefer? Negotiable....lolx...
Things to bring: a small gift (minimum budget Rm5) MUST!!

Since X'mas is just around the corner, so we'll just call it a X'mas party k? And also a birthday party for all those who is born on Dec?? I am one of them... Ehem...*clear throat* hahahahha....XD Sound nice to everyone?? Hahaha...And when we talk about X'mas, of coz we have to prepare presents la right?? Hehehehee....

So, the thing is, all of us have to prepare a small gift on that day and we will exchange our presents. Minimum budget Rm5 ok?? You don't simply go and buy a Rm0.20 candy then tell me that is what you prepare for your present!! I foul you one ar~!! Hahahaha...

Oh ya, seems like a lot of you out there doesn't know where is Langat Hill aka Look out point right?? I am here to help you out~

Click on it for a larger view~^^

The road is winding, becareful ya?

We celebrated Victor's birthday there too...Those who wanna have a look at the pictures that we have taken can click HERE!! Enjoy!!

That's about it~ Any questions??
Leave me comments to tell me about it~^^


Night view of Ampang Look Out Point~!!
Thanks Matthias didi for the lovely pictures~!!


Very seductive right?? XD
The first picture captured my heart.....SERIOUS!!

What are you still thinking of?? Join only LAR~!!!


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...



Good luck on becoming the party host!

@ng31a said...

Dear~!! I really hope you can join us for the party lo~!! =(

Barbie said...

Barbie wanna go to party too! :( Count me in, ok? Princess? Look out point? How is the place, princess? Are you gonna post up some pics in any of your next posts? ^ ^

@ng31a said...

Check out victor's blog for more pics...but of coz I will post some pics up...I post it now just for you k? Muax~!! Dear, I hope u can join too~!! Can you??

YinYin said...

woohoo..i might goin...

vialentino said...

aiyoh...yin yin also joining and u r the one organizing it....wish to join but on 4th december...i got a family gathering. sorry yeah.

wish to join u all and meet u all too....sure will bring my wife next time.

dun worry, if u come to klcc , just call me for lunch or coffee also can mah... 012-2049325

@ng31a said...

really?!?!? Don't make it might le...should say, I MUST be going~!!! UHuuuu~!! hahahaha....

Wah~!! you put your phone number here ar?? Later people call to make fun of you how??

Sure sure, if got next time then u MUST join~!! hehehehe....=)

Lingz said...

daer arr.. i cant join it.! yung as well.. kos..i tot im having a day flight.. actually a nite flight.. im reaching around10++pm .sorry..

n enjoy!!

@ng31a said...

What?!?!! You serious??? I don't care!!! You have to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!