Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Party, anyone??

I'm so boring recently. like SERIOUSLY. I do the same thing everyday and I felt so useless. For example, I slept till 3pm, woke up then went online. Skipped breakfast and lunch then straight jumped to dinner. After dinner, watched some series then continue surfing the net. After that then back to sleep. This is what I did everyday. Can you imagine how boring my life is?

So, I was thinking of organizing a party and invite all the bloggers to join us. Then we can meet each other in person. But, how if there is no one interested in my party??

So, before I start organizing anything, I would like to do a brief survey first.

1, Where do you want the party to be?
2, How much is your budget?
3, When is your free time?
4, Choose a date (dec 1 - 5th )
5, Will you join my party?

Leave me a comment to let me know what do you think about this k?

Of coz you can invite your friends along. The more the merrier ma...right?? hahaha....Or if you're as free as I do, you can help me out in organizing this party~!!

P/S: If no one is interested, the party will be canceled.


i think it's kinda hard to make it a party, or why not we just go up to langat hill to have a small gathering or whatever?? I think it will be kinda fun too~!! But of coz we have to find our own transport there la...=)

Those who are interested, do leave me a comment to confirm with me k?

Ok, let's just confirm the Venue and date~!!

Venue: Langat Hill (some call it small genting)
Date: 4th of dec 2008
Time: 7pm

if you don't know where is Langat Hill, we can wait for you at Taman Connaught's GIANT at 6.30pm.

Is everyone ok with it?? those who can make it, try to invite your friends along k? But have to find your own transport lo...ok?

P/S: Do take note, This is open for all bloggers~!!
You're all welcome to join us ok??


Jialin said...

Sorry.. T_T
I cannot join your party because I am having exam on those days.. T_T
Wish me luck!!! =)

@ng31a said...'s ok do your best for ur exams k? Love ya...MUAX!!

Joy said...

oh wow!
party ey?
im sure lotsa ppl wud be interested..good luck wif dat! =D

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...



I miss u!

Sorry cant be there as well [eh, do I been invited?]...fac prog will be end on 4th dec and need to arrange some things later...


@ng31a said...

Joy, you're not interested??

Zara dearie,
you sure you cannot make it?? How I wish to meet you in person...=(

Lingz said...

haah i realize how free u are ahah. but tat's gud.. a gud party.. erm.. i back on 4th.. but wil sing carolling in 5th. .IS A MUST UKNOW>> i will ask whether yung is interested o not.. kos im singing for carolling. somemore she wanna go there too.. she saw our pic in langat hill .so i dam encourage this plan to be a success.!! erm. thierry can go too haah. accom yungyung..but this might need ur help in return lor!! ah gung can fetch hawkhakhak? ahahh

Patricia Beandots said...


@ng31a said...

Ling, confirm you're joining k? MUAX!! hehehe....transport can be arranged one ma....XD

Ok!! Count you in!! invite your friends along k? I will confirm a date later on...stay tuned k? MUAX!!

@ng31a said...

Venue and date confirmed!!

YinYin said... will be so fun//but where is langat hill???
at KL or Ipoh?

- Ting - said...

wow..i wanna join..but i juz come here for the 1st time[ am i invited??] but where is langat hill? and i'm far at btu...

Victor said...

sure i can fetch but you gotta treat me a meal when we reach langat hill

To those who dont know where is langat hill, it is actually a hill located at Hulu Langat which is in Cheras area where the city of KL is beneath your feet =) pictures of the place will be available by clicking on my name

Arissa @ Mei Yen said...

I going to join lo!!

Shin said...

juz inform me when the confirm date or.. but not 5th ler.. not free on 5th..
langat hill is little genting?? i thought look out point??

Matthias aka. Matt2001 said...

jie!! you login msn tat time come find me!!!

@ng31a said...

Shin~!! yes!! Look out point!! Hahaha...

Seems like a lot of you doesn't know where is langat hill huh? Hmm....Do stay tuned on my latest post...I will give more clear information by then ...ok?

My msn got problem...I can't even sign in...If got anything leave me a msg in my cbox or send me emails to ok?

Anonymous said...

Where is Langat Hill? Near Genting Highlands?

@ng31a said...

quoted by victor:"To those who dont know where is langat hill, it is actually a hill located at Hulu Langat which is in Cheras area where the city of KL is beneath your feet =)"

Caleb said...

Am I invited? ;)(I think I'm a blogger)

Caleb said...

Am I invited? ;)(I think I'm a blogger)

Caleb said...

Am I invited? ;)(I think I'm a blogger)

@ng31a said...

Of coz you're invited~!! Come join us la~!! okok??

@ng31a said...

And by the way, Caleb, why you posted 3 same comments for this post? Silly boy~!! Hahahaha....XD

Barbie said...

Even if I knew where the place is, I don't think I am able to join my princess's party =,= sad!

@ng31a said...

Princess barbie~
I really hope that you can join us~~!! Seriously!! =(

bearlim said...

sorry, i cant go >.< Got plan on that day already. sorry ya

@ng31a said...

it's ok...=)