Monday, July 23, 2007

I am getting lazier...*sigh*

I've not been updating my blog since ages..getting much much more lazier I guess..or I should say busier? There are a lot of things out there waiting for me to do..Just done a piano recital last Friday...Having another voice recital this coming
Friday..And I also haven't started my Malaysian Studies's tutorial yet..Kathy keeps nagging at me edy le...lolx..

My piano recital >>

How was it? Anyway, I am not satisfied with it..I've got a few wrong notes and the rhythm has went off in some parts..Well, maybe I have not practiced enough..To be honest, I seldom practice recently..donno why also..

By the way, I am joining emerge 2007' and I am going to join the singing contest that is organized by the person in group name is UV. And UV stands for UNITY VICTORY!!! haha...go UV go go go UV!!

Kathy-my new bestie, is not in the mood recently...Actually I feel bad seeing her suffering so much but I really donno what can I still do except to make her happy..She came to my condo to sleep these two days coz her house mate has gone to Penang..She said she doesn't wanna be alone at home wor..So she came over to my place lo..It's fun being with her though..She sent me a testimonial in friendster yesterday while I was cooking for her...


click on one of the pictures for a better view...

Sweet huh? Thanks a lot Kathy..What I can say is..Be strong and be tough..I may not understand your feelings right now but I do care about you..understand? Always think before you wanna do something..think whether it's worth to do it or not..k? take care of yourself le..I know you've grown up a lot..but still, please take care of yourself k? Always say you know how to take care of yourself..but then still always forgot to eat...=.=" Anyway, just to let you know that I will always be there for you whenever you need someone to be with..So, don't keep everything to yourself la..have to share with me k? muax..

Victor sketch a picture of me while I was sleeping just now..So UGLY!!!but..I still appreciate it..hahaha..(he didn't use eraser one er...geng huh?lolx..)

And I sketch a picture of him too..wakakakakakaka...

nice leh? *shy* lolx..

Hmm..Back to the day before yesterday..I went to Sunway Pyramid with Victor..Planned to go for ice-skating but ended up watching Harry Potter..Coz there were a lot of people went for skating that day..And I don't know how to skate..How if I fall down? I will surely get wet till kao kao* =.="

So we went shopping awhile..Then sat on a chair in front of ANAK KU..then started taking pictures again...hahaha...

Things that I have bought >>

And Victor has bought a box..(to keep all the movie tickets, and receipts and etc..of us as memories)

Photos that we took together..

Victor acting cool~

Me acting cool~

Photos that we took before we left that place..

Oh ya..I got a video to show you guys!! that day ling ling prepared dinner for me and da bao to college for me to eat coz I got no time to go home..So nice of her but you know what? She forgot to bring fork and spoon for me..So I have to use my hand to eat..poor soup some more you know?

Went to City Harvest with Michelle and friends..
Noel joined us are some photos that I took with her..

Photos of myself that I took when I reached home..

Kathy's ugly expression..lolx..

I suddenly found this last night..It was a letter that I wrote when I am on the plane heading to Tawau..Coz the air hostess suddenly announce that the weather there was not in good condition..asked us to fasten up our seatbelt ..I was so scared that time so I wrote this letter to my parents and fellow friends just in case something bad happened..lolx..luckily I am still alive now..hahahahahaha...

Pictures that we took last night..

Ling with long curled hair? She went for hair extension? Figure it out yourself..I will announce the answer in my next post..hahaha...

Me and Ling..

Me with long curled hair? hahaha...suits me or not?

Me and Ling again but this time I am having the long curled hair..lolx..

Eh? Changed again? wakakakakaka...


What's ling trying to do? =.="

Me and Kathy..^_^

Kathy acting as if she's isolated..lolx..


Victor said...

duh! obviously, that's Kathy's hair la! 1 of the pics can see Kathy's head =S

@ng31a said...

Wooi~ Don't say it out first ma...let other people guess maa...=.="