Friday, July 27, 2007



Its okay sweetie, there's nothing to be sorry for..not at all, neither you nor me. Yeah, i did say you don't really understand me sometimes before, but thats fine one understands me more than i myself its okay and please don't feel guilty k? I know you really appreciate me after all the things happened unexpectedly, but these unfortunate things did build the love between us stronger and needless to say, we have appreciated each other a lot more. And if necessary, try not to mention about the past anymore k? cause mentioning the past will just lead us to arguments and the past is hurtful...look forward and head to the front, that is why God put our eyes in front...turning back is fine but just for sweet memories not the bad ones. Let the unfortunate moments fade away as the time flows k? we're now even better as compared to last time, don't you think so? so sweetie, look forward..i want you to be happy...still remember what's my definition of happy? happy when there's no guilt in yourself. =)

PS: oh yeah! your performance today was great =) but it doesn't mean that you can lose up your practice k? work hard..will aways be on the floor watching you on stage.

Your Darl Darl

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