Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I am back!!

Firstly, I would like to thank my dearest victor for the previous post and also the surprise that he gave me last night..haha..It was so sweet..=) Anyway, I am back!! I

have not update my blog since donno when...even the Alumni concert's photos are still not posted up yet..Angela is getting lazier and lazier..hahaha..

So, before I post the photos for the Pattaya trip..I will first post up the Alumni concert's photos..


During the rehearsals for our Alumni's concert..

my beloved lecturer-- Adil

Dinner prepared by ling ling and mummy..thanks a lot ya? muax..

Me and mummy..

She brought her Harry Potter book along for the rehearsal...haha..

3rd day of rehearsal..Went for dinner at fook sing..
Jeanie!! =)

Ling ling and Eddy lim..

Me and Ling ling..

Chong Han and Victor..

I put make-up for ling ling that day...hehe..

1st day of concert..
sweet mama...=)

My beloved ling ling >>

And ME!! hahaha..

Daddy drove us to college that day...thanks daddy...hehe..

Me and mummy..took this picture while daddy is driving us to college..

Me and Ling ling..

Mummy and ling..waiting for the lift..

mummy posing alone..hehe..sexy mummy..

Me and Valerie..my senior..

mummy and *ling hiding behind her..*

Waiting for the concert to start...

Me and ling again...=)

me and my young mummy..hahaha..

Me and Terence..with his long hair..wakakaka..

Me and Jason from Ipoh~

Me and Kin tat..

Victor taking a nap..haha..

wake him up to take photo with me..bad me..lolx..

Ling and me...

Our choir lecturer--> Mr Ian Lim...XD

Mr Ian and ling..

Me and Mr IAN..

Eddy Lim..

Eddy and me..

Me, Eddy and ling..

Me and mummy..

Gay partners..lolx..

Me and Jeanie..IPOH MARI>> haha..

Me and Victor..Thanks for coming to see me perform..

Me and my Junior..Hui chen..

They're taking group photos..=)

People who come to see us perform..=)

Went to Mc D after the concert...hehe..

Mummy's angry look..=X

Me and Victor..

taking pictures in front of the mirror of our condo..XD

day 2 -->>

Our college's Orchestra..

Chong Yew Choong>> The deaf pianist..

I tied my hair up for the 2nd day of Alumni's concert..

Victor accompany us to college..=)

Michelle putting make up for Cindira..hehehe..

Me and Mich..

Me and Vivien..

I put eye liner for Vivien..nice leh? hehehe..


Me and lovely Cindira~

Ling>> I am her hair stylist for that day...=)

Me and mama..

Me, Elaine and mummy..(Hui Hsiang)

Me and the Japanese doll ~ *ELAINE*

Me and pretty mummy..

Cindira and Jerry..=)

Me and her again..


Me and my pretty senior..

Me and cutie Qi Guai..lolx..

Group photos..hehehe..

Mummy and Eddy..

Eddy and ling..

Acting cool? lolx..

Me and my class-mate..Khai Sing..

All of them are busy make up-ing except for the two of us..haha..

We rulez...yay!!

She asked me to make up for her..so I did...=)

Mummy's parents are here to see us perform..

Me, Sau Mei and Hong Hong from Shang Hai..

Me and (hm..what's her name already? hahaha...)

Me and my ex-room mate..

Me and my ex-netball trainer..

Me and my MIDI's lecturer..Mr Enoch~

Me and EKE...=)

Mummy's lover..hahaha..

see~ they look so sweet in this picture!! hahaha..

I took photo with him too...hahaha..

Me and Dr Lim..

Me and Wei Zhong..

Me and my lovely sir..Mr Adil~

Me and the head of music school, Miss Elizabeth..

She comes from Ipoh too..=)

Mummy and Dennis..?!?

Still the same expression?hahaha..



Went to the mamak nearby our college after the concert..

Me and mummy..

Ling staring at mummy?

Can see ling's name on it?

Mummy..with her hair all down..looks mature but nice right?

Pins and rubber bands that ling used to style mummy's hair..

My Sexy mummy..

I'm the one who style her hair...*proud* hhahaahhaha...

Posing in front of our big mirror..

Frenz forever..

Me and mummy..

Mummy posing for me..hehe..


I got punched by someone...hahaha..

mummy when her make up has been removed~

with and without make up..

Big difference right?hehehe...

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