Friday, July 6, 2007

I cut Ling's hair...

Yik Ling always complaint to me that her hair has grown longer and longer and I always don't have time to cut for her..So, to stop her from complaining..I have to cut for her as soon as possible..If not she will sure keep complaining non-stop until I am gonna have a nightmare one day and the whole dream is all about her..lolx..

I have cut her hair few days back..and she seems like it..haha..
Photos of Ling...>>


She used newspaper to cover her body...lolx..


It should be like this one..nice or not? sweet..hehe..

Drinking the soup that she boiled herself..

Mummy and Rui drinking soup..

Mummy (HueyHsiang)wearing the dress that she'll be wearing this coming Saturday and Sunday for the Alumni Concert..choir perfoemance..

Sexy lady..XD (She looks so cute here...agree?)

Yirui acting like lolx..

Photos that I took yesterday while attending MIDI class..
This is what we used to do while the lecturer is teaching in front..wakaka..

Chong Han's game..>> He won!! haha..

This is Chong Han..he's from Ipoh too...=)

This is Dennis's game..He won too...lolx..( Can you see the lecturer? haha..Spot him!! )

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