Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ipoh's famous food - 牙菜鸡

As I have stated above, this post is about my home town (Ipoh)'s famous food...If you are planning to visit Ipoh, Must try these food~!!! At least once in your life time~!!I am sure you will love it~!! 100% confirm!! XD

By the way, this post is specially for JeremeFo as he is a food lover~!! lolx...
(Jero boy, you are featured in my blog~ Happy or not? XD)

Ok, back to the topic.....Ipoh nga choi gai~!!

Chicken~!!! very smooth one okay??

Our Ipoh nga choi~!!! Very fresh and healty~!! Not like KL's one...XD

Chicken feet~!! Love this a lot~!! XD

And our Ipoh hor fun~!! Very smooth one lor~!!! MUST TRY!!!

Ok, that's all for Ipoh nga choi gai~!! lolx.....


A way to show off my photoshop skills~

What are you thinking right now?? Showing off my photoshop skills? What do I mean? I am about to explain to you.....

Well, I have just edited a few photos of myself using photoshop. So I am now going to post all the photos up to show off my editing skills~!! (though it's just a very simple one...XD)

Sit back and enjoy~!!! lolx....

This one looks kinda like those anime...agree??

This one I purposely make my eyes as dark as possible....for fun~! XD

Love this effect~^^

Love this one too~

This one looks like the front page of a magazine~XD

Did you guys notice that my hair is longer now??? Those are hair extension~!!! New hair style again~!! happy happy me~^^

Ok, that's all for today~ Nitez.....=)


lee said...

hungry la wei...
so many ho liao~~
hoho~~ bring some back to kl leh~

@ng31a said...

bring Nga choi gai?? how to bring oh?? lolx....go visit me in Ipoh then I will bring you go eat nice food~!!XD

ZARA said...

Wo you!!
I want food~

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Thanks mydear!
I really miss the ngak choy kai there alot =)

Anonymous said...

the must in ipoh~~ nga choi gai~~ tyr almost everytime i visited ipoh and hunting for food!!

Svetlena said...

I would love to try sth abt Chicken :P Love eating chicken :P

Angela dear, u did it great wit ur photo, nice job ^^

Joy said...

i love all de photos u edited!!!!!
i really do!!

Bridge Schmidt said...

Angie, your food presentation is awesome. It makes me miss Malaysian food. I just had dinner with Kikey when I went to Boston two nights ago and we had some Nasi Lemak. I'm not familiar with the rest but you can check her blog and see the food.

Also, your photoshop skill is very good.

PS: I just got back home from Canada and East Coast America. I wrote new update on my blog.

@ng31a said...

you want food?? Come find me in Ipoh and I will treat you with nice food~!!! Want??

Jero boy,
No problem...Miss nga choy gai?? Come and find me in Ipoh then we go eat together la....XD

You tried almost everything? How come?? You're from Ipoh also???

Princess NANA~!!
You would like to try something about chicken?? Come find me in Malaysia then I bring you go hunt for nice food want?? Asked barbie to come along!~!!! hahahaha....XD

You love the pictures that I have edited?? Really?? Next time I edit for you then~ XD

Who's Kikey??oh...Nasi lemak~!! I LOVE Nasi Lemak a lot~!!How do you find it after eating it?? Nice??

My photoshop skills are good?? Nah~ I am just trying around~ I am not that familiar with photoshop actually~XD

Barbie said...

Wooo Hooo! How come was here this late =( I'm the 10th *sweat*

Between Ipoh and Penang, which one is famous with the incredibly yummylicious food? ^ ^ Just abit curious heh heh... All the food look yummy *drooling* ^ ^

and yeah, Barbie love all photos uploaded in this post ^ ^ My princess is as adorable as always *muack* ^ ^

My photoshop is just stupid like hell! =( 2 thumbs and 10 toes up for my princesss ^ ^ You did a really nice job ^ ^ *hug*

@ng31a said...

Princess Barbie~
yea,I was about to ask where have my princess been~ =( Anyway, at least you are here now~!! hehehe...muax~!!

Hmm....actually both places have their own famous food~ It depends on what food are you looking for...=) But for me, I love penang food more than my own hometown--Ipoh food. Maybe it is because I can eat Ipoh's food whenever I want but not penang food~XD

And yea...thanks my dear for the compliment~!!! I love to edit pictures...but I am not that good in photoshop...that is why I am still figuring out how to master my photoshop skills~!! XD

ZARA said...

Find one "halal" dim sum with Zara lolz..I'm craze for it

@ng31a said...

Oh you love Dim Sum????

florida personal injury said...

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@ng31a said...

LOL~ You must be kidding me!!