Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bling up your STUFF~!!

Recently I always shop at because the things over there is much more cheaper compared to the market. And the most important thing is there are much much more choices for me choose~!! There are all so CHIO okay???? XD

I have just bought some blings from and I am going to buy more soon~ hehe...=)

Let me show you some of the pictures that I found online~

Japanese design >>

I love this the MOST!!!

This is nice~!!! Spot the mickey mouse~!! XD

So, what do you think?? Chio?? Some of you might agree with me and say it's chio but some may not~ coz I asked my friend about this before and she said this is too much for her~ XD

What do you think?? Leave me a comment and tell me how you feel ya?? Must tell the truth~!!
Coz I am planning to bling up my phone like this too~ =)


Joy said...

i lk de 4th photo!!
de one u love de most cute!
bling bling!

Svetlena said...

Love it!!
Wanna bling my stuff too (^o^)

Barbie said...

OMG! Bling Bling! so cute! Barbie wanna get all the thingy uploaded here ^_^ Look so pinky as well <3

Yeah, Barbie do spot that little Mickey ^ ^ !

Nah! It's not that too much dear! It's way too cute! :D

Anonymous said...

too bling for me...

@ng31a said...

Yea...It looks so sweet right??
I love it so muchie!!! XD

You love it too?? Yay!!! we got something in common!!! give me 5!!! muax!! heehee....XD

We got something in common too!!! muax!! hehehehe....I just love those bling nice and sweet!!! =)

@ng31a said...

Yea..same as my friend...she said it's too bling...XD

ZARA said...

Angela dearie!
That's so nice.
Whether I am not to bling2, but yeah, I love the way how people get so creative to design those.

So, Angie baby, do it to your phone and let Zara see!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Not bad...
Should buy more next time =)

@ng31a said...

Zara~ I will show you after I've bling up my phone~^^

Dear Jero,
You buy for me as birthday present la...XD

YinYin said... cute la those stuff..hahaha...

@ng31a said...

BB, you think it's cute too~?? gimme 5!!! XD

steveang82 (•●佑仔●•) said...

so many stuff oh!
quite special and nice!

@ng31a said...

steveang82 (•●佑仔●•)
you love it too?? hehehehe....