Saturday, August 23, 2008

Videos of me singing~^^

Here are a few videos of me singing during my friend's (huey hsiang) birthday...
Venue: Green Box
This first one is a video of me singing a song named 崇拜(chong bai) by 梁静茹(fish leong). Hope you guys enjoy it~ MUST LISTEN ya??? XD

Hurt by Christina Aguilera~

Try it on my own by Whitney.....

Terlalu istimewa by Adibah~^^

Leave me some comments after listening to it ya?? =)

If you guys love it...I will post more videos of me singing in the future~XD


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Love your singing!

LOL...i also got singing.
As you can see in my blog =)

Barbie said...

Awww! Princess! I really enjoys the video clip of you singing! It looks like you're here with me face to face ^ ^

Angie! =( but why I can't view the rest of the clips uploaded here except the one with you singing in Mandarin? When I hit the play button, they said" The video is no longer availabe" =( Sob sob I wanna hear you singing in English ^ ^ Must be so sweet!

@ng31a said...

really love my singing?? true or not oh?? Must tell me the truth ya?? Not good must tell then at least I can improve myself ma~!! =)
you sang too?? where got?? show me the link~!!! XD

Can't view the rest of the videos?? How come?? But I can view it over here~!! What's wrong with youtube?? hmm....Maybe you try to load the videos again next time??ok?? muax~!!!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

LOL> At least better than me.
But when singing Jaychou songs, nobody can beat me!

I already post the video
in my blog. AutopLay one =)

Barbie said...

Ah! They all work this time ^ ^ Wow! Your voice is awesome! Wondering if I can sing like that! I like the song from Whitney Houston the most! ^ ^

I saw you smiling at me as well heh heh... sweet!

@ng31a said...

yea yea...No one can beat you when you're singing jay chou's songs....But I wanna have a try can?? Next time I will sing Jay chou's song and try to beat you~!! hahahahaha.....XD

Yea...I love the song by Whitney the MOST~!!! Actually I am not the familiar with the other songs...But just trying it out~ =)

Saw me smiling at you~?? hehehehe....Purposely one....XD MUAX!!!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

ohya...why u didn't sing Jaychou song? What lar you -_-

Joy said...

i love it!
u can sing soo soo well Angela!
u really can!! =D

can see dat u sing wif so much touched..lolxx ^^

@ng31a said...

Will sing next time ya??? hehehehe....XD

really?? Glad that you like it~!! XD

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Must Sing!
not will sing!

Anonymous said...

not bad not bad~~~ gambatee..

@ng31a said...

yea yea...I MUST sing next time~!! okie??? XD

thanks for the compliment~^^

ZARA said...

Angie Baby!!!
Thats so nice~whether I dont understand the first song...
But, since I'm addicted to HURT...I do love u sing it!!!
Jay Chou? - I love him as well, sing that too baby!!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Make sure you say
" Special to JeromeFo "
before you start singing =)

@ng31a said...

ZARA dear~!!!
OH~ you love the song hurt?? I love it too~!! I once used that song for a singing competition....XD glad that you like my singing~^^ MUAX~

Yea...I will sing Jay's song one day~ Stay tuned ya? ya~ =)

Jero boy,
Hahahaha....Really need kah?? lolx....Okok...I will try k? XD

ZARA said...

Love u too Angela my baby!!!

@ng31a said...

Must love barbie too~ If not later she jealous how??? hahahahaha....XD

ZARA said...

Will tell her too~
Anyone else?

@ng31a said...

maybe.....XD You should ask him whether he got jealous or not~!! lolx...

ZARA said...

I believe he will not get jealous lolz...
Simply because he like ur singing Baby Angie~

@ng31a said...

Zara babe,
He likes me singing Jay chou's songs only....XD

ZARA said...

Then sing it lolz!

@ng31a said...

I will one day....=)

@ SmalL G!RL said...

omg!!! giv us more!!! more more more!!!!

Chobits said...

Hmm...if rate from 1 to 10, i will give you 3 marks.
Haha, don't be so dissapointed first, 1 mean the best so 3 is consider high mark. XD I wanna hear the real one coz youtube cant actually judge your voice. ^^
Overall is nice! You can sing girl! Should take part in singing competition!

@ng31a said...

I will post up more next time ya? muax~!! hehehe...

3 only?? what's missing?? Must let me know if it's not good enough ok?? wanna hear me singing in real?? time if my college got any band concerts I will ask you to come ya? muax~^^

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florida personal injury said...

it's good! You are really a very good singer.......

@ng31a said...

No it's not good. I'm still learning. but thanks for your compliment ya? =) So nice of you~^^