Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Angel is so smart now~!!

I have spent 2-3 months to train Angel all kind of things...And now she is smart enough for me to record her doing her unbelievable stunts~!!! hahahaha...Sorry for exaggerating...XD

dang dang dang dang~!!!!


ZARA said...

She's so cute baby!!!

Barbie said...

Wow! Unbelievable Princess! She's so smart! ^ ^ She really highlight my day! I was like laughing out loud to myself as an insane!

Angel sit! ... Good gal!
Angel up! ... Good gal!
Angel jump! ... Good gal!
It's even more hilarious when u said Bang! Bang! She just turned over waiting for ur permission! ^ ^

Really enjoys this clip! ^ ^

@ng31a said...

Of coz...She's my baby ok?? XD

Hahaha....glad that you guys enjoy viewing it~!! XD Angel is really very smart~!! I used only two days to teach her one so called stunt~ XD

ling said...

gosh.. my angel..
no is ur angel
is dammmmmmmmmmm

cute.. smart.. dai sek sek sai qui lor..

@ng31a said...

hahahaha...she's our Angel~!! smart and cute Angel~^^

@ SmalL G!RL said...

cool!!! and unbelievable!!! haha

@ng31a said...

Unbelievable??? Believe it now~!!! hahahahhaa....XD

MarlyMS said...

hi! ur puppy is getting smarter and smarter huh? i like the video :) did u train her by yourself?

@ng31a said...

Of coz I trained her by myself....hehehe....XD

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Nice post! She is looking so cute......

@ng31a said...

Thank you~^^

florida personal injury said...

Very nice.she is so sweet.

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