Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy moments being with HIM..

Thanks a lot for being there for me whenever I need someone to be with...I treasure our relationship a lot...But nobody will know what is gonna happen in the future right? So what we have to do is just try our very best to remain our relationship...I promise..

Here by, I would like to say sorry to you..sorry to disappoint you..sorry for letting you worry...sorry for everything i have done...I'm so sorry...Because of you, I've cried plenty of times and i knew you did the same thing too..I am so sorry..Sometimes i will think that I shouldn't have entered your world..It seems like I'm ruining your life..But you ensure me..You told me that I'm someone special..At least I know I am someone you wanna rely on..=)

Here are some photos that we've took together recently...

Thanks for accompanying me every week to support me in my singing competition..You are the one that brought me this far...thanks a lot...

Preparations...Before going for the singing competition..

Thanks yirui for taking this picture for me..=)--> a picture while I jz finished singing my song (bukan cinta biasa)

me, ling n rui..

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