Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Confession from my sweetie...

To my Deary Sweetheart,

I am now at the living room of your condo and I’m viewing your “love” picture folder..and it brings me back our sweet old days..for instance, the first time we met each other as in face to face, the first time that we hold our hands in the practice room where you played your songs to me and that made me feel so sweet and lovable, the first kiss that we had, the very first hug that makes me feel so warm…the first wallpaper that I made for your phone though it was just some simply sketches edited from my phone. I still remember the first time that you came over to my place and you were just so afraid to meet my mom..as well as me going over to your place, I was very excited too. And I remember that I was way too tired and felt asleep on your bed cause that was my first travel with bus..and you took pictures of me sleeping huh? I still remember that…and be patient to wait for my revenge..lol..you naughty girl.

The dinners that we went together..taking foods for each other makes me feel so sweet..miss those days..and the time we spent at Genting. I never enjoyed myself at Genting, perhaps I’ve been there for quite a number of times before *shrugs* but your present made this trip outrageous and you did left footsteps on my heart. I really enjoyed the time spent with you..i seriously do, no doubts.

Alright, for current. Sweetheart, I know I’ve been changing in a way of being possessive or maybe too possessive I presume which you do not like it at all. But this is caused by my love towards you is just way too much..just like a the sun rises and sinks everyday and it will never stops. But no worries, I will get all these things over as soon as I could...I promise! I do not know this would get you irritated or what, tired of being with me..or even sick of me. I know these are not what you want but you just cant help it right? I know…toleration will get these problems over and soon we can see back brightness shining out from us once again. I will still hold your hands tight although you’re not giving any strengths on it and I will definitely not letting you holding back the dead branches. I will just hold you tight enough and pull you back up cause I know someday, you will let out your strengths once again and we will go back to the top once again. I have faith in this. And remember this, you’re still and always on my feet..I will walk you throughout the future. Alright, time to get back to your assignments..muax!

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