Saturday, March 3, 2007

1st day of chinese new year


hmm...went for some visiting with my church members..those who went out station to work or study all came back to celebrate chinese new year..All of us gathered together...I was so glad to see them again..=) As you know, we'll surely take a lot of remembrance ma...haha..

There you go....

me on the way to visit my aunty..


me n my bro-duncan..

gold fish?hahaha...

me n noel..

this is ah sing..working at kl one..

ah lun, working at singapore..i'm teaching him how to smile..he smile till very weird right?lolx.. lovely papa n mama...u guys r still always in my mind one u know?

me n papa them so much...keke..

me n my sap heang! sap means 10...he's ten days elder than me..that's why..
he's studying in kl--taylor college..

me n my god brother..soon fatt..working at singapore with ah lun..

oh!!gambling!!call the police before they escape!!fast!!

me n mama...^cute mama^

ciakz...frenz forever...*me n theng*

theng n fung...

happy family...stay sweet..hehe


-------------------------------the end---------------------------------

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