Saturday, February 17, 2007

2nd day in ipoh..(with daddy,mummy n didi)

I spent the whole day with my family members today..took a lots of photos with them ..especially my little brother-->> Duncan..haha..
Woke up at around 8 something today..went for breakfast..then started visiting some relatives..after that, we stopped at Econsave to buy something...And I've bought a few things...needless to say, sure some things that are eatable...lolx..
I bought all chocolates...yummy..hhahahah....

photos taken before we started our journey...
me n my beloved her so much... are some photos that i took while mummy was driving..haha..

with special effects..

Me n didi-->Duncan...A lot of people said both of us look alike...what do you think?

My brother...trying to gimme a cool pose..lolx..

at my house's toilet...advertising darlie's toothpaste...lolx...

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Victor said...

Different expression of yours shows the different beauty of you..not only the outer look, but the inner one does play a great role on this as well.. =) you know who i am..