Saturday, February 17, 2007

secondary skul frenz..

i miss all my secondary school friends...especially cheah lin, nga theng, chin yiing and my lovely cow papa--wai yee..we used to play together..sleep together and even bathed together..hahaha..we had a lot of fun together..those were the days..and i really do enjoyed being with you guys!!i seriously do u know?

cheah lin, a friend who always make me laugh..* we're best friend since primary school..until now, our friendship still remained..i'm so lucky to have such a nice friend like you..hehe..although our bottle had lost..(donno which aunty threw our bottle away)..but nvm..i'll always remember our promise-->friends forever..=)

nga theng, we've go through alot of problems..some solved, some didn't..but i still treasure our friendship alots..i'm serious you know?time flies..but days being with you still stays in my mind..we used to be very good, you, and lai ann...(dai go dai, dai moi and sai moi)...i missed those days..btw, i'll never forget about our date...1/1/08..don't you ever forget also...i even remembered what time we have to remember or not?haha..

wai yee, u're the one who accompanied me whenever I need someone to be with..still remember the songs that we've compose together?(ni zai shen bian)(gao shu ni, gao shu wo)it is still always on my mind..although i don't really remember those lyics already..ahahaha..oh ya, still remember our fan shue tong shui, spagetti, and konyaku?our first time..but luckily success lo..lolx..i don't wanna lost contact with you...pls do keep in touch with me..our friendship haven't ends yet..

lastly, chin yiing(fo yi..)u're the one who keeps me awake from sleeping in tuition class..haha..i wonder why we got so many things to talk about..we can really talk non-stop during tuition class one hor?so how're you recently?is everything doing fine?studies..or relationships?don't forget i'm always here for you ya?you'll always be my lovely fo yi...muax...=*

to all of you, you guys will always be remembered dearly by remember, once a friend, forever will do...

cheah sweet...=)

me and yi..frenz forever...

at mc donald..2005"

cow papa...thinking of somebody?=)

me and cow papa..(in kampar)

me and cow papa again...(ipoh parade)

my birthday..21/12/05...(my hse)

me and chin yiing(fo yi)21/12/ my room..=)

i don't have ah di's photos..should take more pictures with you..haha...still got chance one..hehe...=P

class photos...figure out where am i..hahahaha...

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