Saturday, February 17, 2007

the last dinner, treated by-->yik ling..(pizza hut)

there are a lot of things had happened between us..we've been through happiness...sadness...and we've shared our joyfulness...and also sorrows...I used to think, will our friendship last?and I also thought of leaving this gang of friends..but I just can't leave them..because I still treasure them...till now..I still donno how long will our friendship last..but I won't care about It long as I'm alive..I'll try to make our friendship last..nobody could ever stop me...and I really do mean It!!

well, back to the topic..

after all the rainy days...again we gathered together..spent time having dinner together and I have to admit that I did enjoy myself being with you guys!!thanks to ling ling..she's the one who synced us together...thanks lingX2!!
ling ling on the phone..lolx..

me and my piece of pizza...yummy!!haha..


mummy's artwork..

jiarou and yirui..

susan and xiao tian..

naughty yik ling!!don't wanna take photo with me also don't need to show me faces ma!!

show me faces huh?kiss you back!!wakakakka...

silly ling, cubit her own face wor...tak tahan..lolx..

me and ling ling again...

ling and cute cute mummy..

me n mummy...=)

me and jiarou..

me and cute lil yirui...

susan me and tian...

three of us again..

what're they doing?i got no idea..haha..

tian...trying to taste a mixture of mushroom soup, tomato sos, cola, cheese, green beans and pepper..ahahaha..look at her expression...haahahah..poor xiao tian..(btw, we were playing truth or dare)..=P

a nice evening i can say...this is considered as our last dinner before all of us leave to celebrate chinese new year..i'm at Ipoh now!!hurray!!

oh ya, before i sign off, let me introduce one of my new friend to you..michelle!!she sings very well one you know?a great comtemporary singer..she's now my sifu!!proud to say out...haha..

yer..don't come near me...yucks...

ann and mich rulez....haha...

btw, these are some photos of khai jhin while sleeping at michelle's colourful bed.., she's always the first who felt asleep among us..lolx..

a nearer pic of hers...lolx..(sleeping beauty)

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