Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my lovely phone =^^=

I've got my dream phone--Nokia 7390 & I am loving it!! By the way, I've bedazzled my phone!!

It used to be like this >>

But it's now like this!!!


It looks so chio now!!! Agree?? XD

Wanna see more pictures of my chio phone??
There are plenty of it~
sit back and enjoy~^^

My chio Sony camera~ >>

group photo of my sony camera and my Nokia 7390 >> XD

Naughty Angel playing around with my phone~ XD

That's all for now~

Coming up next >>

Naughty Angel turns fat~!!

Stay tuned ya? =)


Mei-Wah said...

wow, i agree totally~~
it's so chio~ sweet~ :)
as sweet as the owner *wink*

Akira 思胜 said...

wah, the handphone is so nice man~~~ So nice!!!

@ng31a said...

Mei Wah and Akira,

Thanks for the compliment~!! hehehe...next time I bedazzled ur phone for free want?? XD I am sure my beloved barbie will love this phone a lot!!! hahaha...waiting for her to leave me a comment here...=)

Barbie said...

Awww!!! OMG! Dear! Really envy you now! Your pinky mobile is just darn cute!!!! Love it soooo much, really! Angie! Tell me, the pinky decorated gems or watever it is glow in the dark or not, princess?

The phone ring! It is in pink as well! Barbie want it too =(

Sony Cybershot camera of mine is not in pink *sob sob* It's in silver =( Envy Envy! =(

From the very first time, Barbie came across this blog, Barbie knows that my princess is a pinky lover! <3 a big ((((Hug))))

Heh heh... ^ ^ Take a good care of your pinky stuffs, sweetie :P Or they gonna get stolen :P Wakakakak *evil laugh*

Svetlena said...

*Laugh* of Barbie comment :))

Ur phone n ur sony camera so cute.
Fit with the owner :)

@ng31a said...

No...those bling bling does not glow in the dark~!! But there's one kind of stickers that can glow in the dark...you have to find it but I donno where...XD oh~~ Barbie is using sony cybershot also?? Though it's in silver....you can buy some pink crystals to decorate it wut~!! If you donno how to do...I can do for u too!! XD


Thanks for ur compliment~!! hehehe...=)

bearlim said...

you like pink alot ya! :)

@ng31a said...

yea...I love PINK!! Or I should say we girls LOVE pink~!! Pink is just our thing~ lolx...XD you don't like pink?? Hmmm...

Barbie said...

>>@ Princess Ellena: Heh heh... Meany! Did u really laugh at my comment? *blushingh* Maybe Barbie sounds sort of nutty lol... Angie u think what Barbie wrote sounds funny? Lol...

>>@Princess Angela: Promise to help Barbie decorate my damn ugly Sony camera? Lol... Yeah, Barbie using Sony Cybershot. Love Sony heh heh... Don't forget Sony helps all the girls' dreams come true! PINKY laptop! ^ ^ The design is just damn nice! but for camera, Barbie hate Sony now =( Thinking to get the Canon camera instead, but too bad the old one is still new lol...

To both of my princess! Stay pink dearie! I know you guys love pink, and so do Barbie! :P

2 big true love hugs!
(((Hug))) (((Hug)))

Love you two, Princesses! <3

@ng31a said...

Barbie I LOVE you too~now and forever~ hehehe...what??!??? you hate Sony now?? Why?? I am using Sony also...But I think it's cool~ why hate sony?? Btw,you're using the same model as I do?? It stated it's a super steady shot but why I don't find it steady?? Or I don't know how to set the settings?? Hmmm....Anyway, It's funny when you said [quote]"Take a good care of your pinky stuffs, sweetie :P Or they gonna get stolen :P Wakakakak *evil laugh*" [quote] hehehe....Don't worry...I will surely take good care of my stuff!!! hehehehe....XD

BeverLy's Secret said...

so Lovely!!!!
I'm running out of crystal though...

I want!! I want!! Do that for me!!

@ng31a said...

Dearie Beverly,
Of coz I can do it for you!! But how?? you're not in Malaysia also....XD if you ever come back to Malaysia...Must go Ipoh...there's a lot of nice and cheap crystals sold there....you can find it in Ipoh Parade....Rm2.90 per pack only....damn cheap right?? =)

Barbie said...

Oh! My camear also said it is super steady too lol... The problem I don't like about the camear is the at night time, Sony can't get the nice images as Canon. Use to compare it already ^ ^ But at daytime it is fine. It could be camera's fault, or maybe our faults =) but supposing it is the cam fault lol...

Whatever Barbie still love Sony, and Barbie bought many Sony appliances including TV, camera, and laptop =) just that I hate it when de pic turns out so lame sometimes!

Dear, I don't know if my silver cam is the same as your or not. It is only 7.2 MP, and it is touch screen, but Barbie bought it ages ago =( but why the hell it still looks new? =( Barbie want a new camear, but mom said, ur old cam still looks new! =( *sob sob* Oh boy! Barbie sounds so silly now! heh heh...

Forget bout it! Just know that Barbie love your pink stuffs! ^ ^ Love the owner more heh heh.... *hug hug* <3

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

So many diamonds!
Better let me take pic of it
when i see you next month!

靓靓sally =^_^= said...

wow! it's really look sweet!
can i know where u buy those bling bling?
i wish to make one for myself too!XD

@ng31a said...

awh~!! You're using sony's laptop and TV also?? That's cool!!! I love the pink sony laptop~ It looks so glamour!!! yea...My camera is also touch screen one...I think our camera is the same model...T70 right?? hahaha...
So barbie is now planning to buy the canon camera?? I teach you...you throw your sony camera into the water and tell your mother that it's spoiled...XD *obviously I am just kidding ok? Don't take it so serious...* lolx...

Sure you can take as much photos as you want~!!! hehehe....

Sure...where are you from?? If you're staying in KL...you can buy it from Sg wang...3rd floor~ =) Ipoh is selling too~ much more cheaper than KL...=)

Barbie said...

Lol... ^ ^ Maybe it's the same model, but T70 or not, Barbie not sure lol... never care to check this out! I know I sounds so silly! Gonna check it later, okie?

Hah hah... throw de cam into the water ^ ^ Good idea *wink wink*

Yes sweetie! Sony pinky laptop is damn nice! Esp the exterior design ^ ^ So glamourous! Barbie was bugging mom to get one as soon as it is commercially available. Pink rocks! and Pinky lovers are all awesome heh heh...! Sounds crazy man! ^ ^

@ng31a said...

lolx...yea...pink rocks~!! Btw, do you know that Sony is now having a new design for the pink laptop...It's still pink but with lizard skin on it...Sounds scary?? But it actually looks quite nice to me...you can consider buying that model~ But it's much more expensive than the previous model~ =)

By the way, you're really going to throw your sony camera into the water??? You don't scared me ar~!!! XD

ZARA said...

its kawaii~
seriously u r so creative dear~
u should consider designer as ur career!

@ng31a said...

Zara dear~
Yea...Actually I love to design things since primary school...But I've chose music...So I am now studying music and seldom design things already....=(