Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jumbo sales~^^for girls only...XD

Part 1, clothing~^^

As I have stated above, this is for girls only...But guys are allow to buy it for your girl friends too~ XD

Actually it's all my stuff but I got too many things in my drawers and cupboards so I plan to sell out some things which is still very nice and new and the most important thing is it's still in good condition~^^

some are new too~^^

Pictures >>

, Pinky flowers top~^^


And for this, I got two colors...both pink...
this is a darker pink..


And this is a baby pink one~

Both colors~^^

Brown blouse~




And this is from Momoe ( a japanese brand)>> 2 pieces...

Rm35>> both pieces~

Bah~ Ignore the bra stripes~XD

purple spaghetti~



pink singlet~



Again, ignore the bra stripes....XD

Sporty pink and red singlet~ brand: (UnionBay)


Barbie's top~^^


transparent pink singlet~^^


of coz you have to wear something inside~^^

from the last picture you can see that it's transparent~^^

baby blue short skirt~^^ wore this for once only~^^


See, very nice right?? =)

apple green shorts~^^


cream colored top~^^


Blue colored T shirt~^^

Rm15 sized S

Flower tube, Rm36

brown skirt~ Sized S...


That's all for today...Will continue tomorrow with accessories~^^


@ SmalL G!RL said...

Oh wait!! OH MY!!! m i d first?? yay!!!

so, i reserve first...i wan.....eiy, can post to me de mah? haha, r those all u wan to sell? or, oledi sold out?

i wan A OR B(darker pink)<-both colors for RM10 or RM10 each?

hhmmm, hope to hear from ur reply soon...can't wait...

Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, u are trying to sell the clothes here oh!! Keep it up ya!

I like those in pink... hehe...

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Wow! I like Purple Spaghetti, Momoe, Barbie's top, and the first flower top one!

You are very good at shopping. I should bring you with me on my next shopping. We can click together, lolz!

@ng31a said...

meimei~ It's Rm10 each la...You sure you want?? Hmm....can we meet nearby connaught?? It will be much more convenient lo...coz I don't know how to post thing one....XD

you like those in pink? Then do you wanna buy one for ur girl friend?? lolx...

Sure, if only we got the chance to meet each other some day...=) hehehe....looking forward to my Hawaii trip~ hahaha...XD

MarlyMS said...

hi..angela..i got a tag for u at my Mhar's Display blog.
and hey, i like the brown blouse...
how much is it in dollars?

MarlyMS said...

oh i know's about $7.00...

@ng31a said...

Marlyms, oh..where are you from? So do you want that brown blouse? I donno how to convert ringgit to dollars...sorry...XD

Mei-Wah said...

wow... angie started your own business already! great job~~~ hmm, i think i should spring clean my wardrobe and see what i can sell... hehehe...

Barbie said...

Heya my cute princess! ^ ^ Barbie love all the tops in pink either sweet pink or rosy one ^ ^ Keh Keh...

Mei Mei wanna buy all the 2 pinky tops? Keh Keh... They all look awesome! ^ ^ Barbie love them too heh heh...

By the way, Princess is that you in all these pics? My princess is super cute! ^ ^ *muah*

Barbie said...

Oh wait! The last time my Auntie went there, $1 USD = RM 3.20 ,but the current currency rate I have no idea! Long before, 1 buck = RM 3.80 Anyone can clarify my princess for the exact currency rate?

@ng31a said...

Mei Wah~ should~XD

Barbie, meimei haven't confirm with me yet~ So I have to wait for her reply first..XD Btw, those models in the pic is not me....They're my housemates~XD I asked them to be my model~!!hahahaha...

@ SmalL G!RL said...

CONNAUGHT?? hello? u're in KL, im in KUCHING, haha...oh no!!! so pity, i missed the chance, u dno hw to post?

then i oni can look at ur pics here lo...haiz...

the seeds earrings are nice too=(

@ng31a said...

If you really want then I will try to ask my friend how to post lo..But you must confirm with me first la...You sure want right??

Chobits said...

Wow, i thought u owned a cloth shop. haha~
Are you one of the model in the pic? ^^
Those clothes are quite cheap and nice but i dun have enough money to use at the moment..T_T

@ng31a said...

hahaha...I can give you special discount if you really want~!! hahaha...Thanks for ur compliment my dear~ muax muax~!!=)