Thursday, May 29, 2008

Toy Poodle!!!

I want TOY POODLE!!! Anyone can get me a toy poodle?? I WANT!!!! Or anyone know who's selling toy poodle?? please check for me k? Hopefully I can buy it at the rate of Rm300~!!I am so desperate to have a toy poodle!! They are damn cute you know??

Here are some pictures of toy poodle that I've just downloaded from the internet...Check it out!! I am sure you'll fall in love with them as I do....^^

Toy poodle in brown~

see!! so cute!!! OMG!~~

They really look like a toy only loh!!!~~

So small!~~

Check this out!! It's just the size of a cola!!

Personally, I don't like black poodle that much...too black la..can't even see their eyes and nose properly...lolx...

SO CUTE!!!~^^

baby toy poodle!!~ (sure very small size lo!!)

photo added>>

toy poodles look so grand after shaving their fur...

This one looks like a LION....lolx...

This one very cute lo!! Like doll only..hahaha...

Dennis likes this >> Poodle in grey...(and he's persuading his father to buy him a toy poodle as his b'day present..lolx...)

Waa...this one looks like a queen lo!! So Classy!!~^^

So? Fallen in love with them yet??!! If you are not...You are confirmed heartless!! hahahaha....

By the way, here are some videos of toy poodle...MUST SEE!! Very cute one lor I tell you!! *no kidding*

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