Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bag Rulez !!

I tell you guys hor...I've bought 5 different bags online!!! I don't know why am I so crazy about bags nowadays....Maybe get influenced by mummy and meimei-yirui?? lolx..This is my first time doing such thing!!! Such thing means buy 5 bags in one shot!!! But seriously I LOVE the design of the bags a lot lo!!!*no kidding*

Here are the photos of bags that I bought >>

A .

For this I bought the white poka dots one...very cute right?? =)

B .

This I choose yellow because it's striking enough to get people's attention!! XD


This one I purposely buy to put my luggage...(big enough ma...) =p


This one I think it's very sweet lo...Don't you think so?


This one is for me to bring to college one...XD

So, which one do you like the most?? Choose from A-E...


Anonymous said...

i like ABCDE!
haha~all very nice!

@ng31a said...

HAhahaha...really, then if I don't want den I sell it to you la...hahaha...