Monday, March 10, 2008

Glad that there are still friends who cares about me...

Here are the comments that you guys leaved in my chatter box...I am really glad that you guys are still there for me when I am down and feeling sad....Thanks a lot!!! I am going to reply all your comments one by one to show how sincere I am.......=)

first...Khai Chi,
  • Khai chi my Darling ar....just read u blog...haha....suprise!!!!i wrote comment for u.....u really a cute gal lah....dun be sad...who bully u ar????tell me ar.
    2008-03-09 10:46 PM
    Khai Chi!! I am so glad to hear from you!! I'm really missing you like crazy!!!!! Do keep in touch with me...And when you're back...Do ask me out to Yum cha k?? Naughty lo you...leave without letting me know......

    Anyway, I really miss your lovely smile lo...Now only I know why you said we'll sure regret if we didn't take picture with you during last semester's band concert....I'm really regret now.....So please come back asap k?? I wanna take loads and loads of photos with you--My lovely dear!!!!

    I am cute?? Than you must be 10 times cuter than me...hahahahaha.....Thanks for viewing my blog...Must continue reading my blog k?? love ya...XD By the way, no one bullies me la...Just that maybe I have really did something wrong and pissed that person off lo....What to do?? You're not here to teach me what to do also....*sad* .....=( So I am looking forward for your returns ga....MUST CALL ME WHEN YOU'RE BACK!!!!

  • lingling sorry for ignoring u ..leaving u alone at room . actually i feel better after u told me d next day in da morn..somehow hope u feel tht way too..
    2008-03-09 10:09 PM
  • lingling muakccckkkksss
    2008-03-09 10:10 PM
    Don't worry.....Due to my weak observation...I didn't feel that you are ignoring me....I didn't even feel that we seldom chit chat with each other recently until Victor told me about this...hahahaha...Don't laugh at me ar!! I know you're now laughing already but you have to stop it now!!! hahahahahahaha.......XD

    At least I am awake now and start to realize about everything ma right?? Maybe that time I am too into my series gua....So I didn't care so much what's actually happening outside lo.... Hahahahahahahaa......Actually I have to apologize too...Sorry for not realizing that we're not as close as last time already...But don't worry....Your lala is back now....=)

    Yea...I felt the same way...I feel better after telling you everything too...At least someone knows what am I thinking and trying to understand me more....It's a good start though...=) Anyway, I wanna thank you for wasting your precious time listening to me.....Coz someone else might think that what I am saying is actually nonsense....Luckily you didn't feel that way....hahahahaha.....You're always the best my dear!! You MUST continue being there for me when I need you k?? And I will do the same to you too.....Just come to me when you need me and I'm all YOURS.....lolx...muax...
  • yirui why say nobody forgive you woh?? now also nothing ad ma.. everything ok ad ah... i still show you how i feel ma rite?? hmmm... i knoe ppl got emotion.
    2008-03-09 3:37 PM
  • yirui at times cannot control also de ma.. nobody hate you ler lala.. and you din ****ed us of wat.. you think too much ad lo.. you dun have to always act
    2008-03-09 3:38 PM
  • yirui happy or wat de ma... when you sad you can show out de ma.. aiyo.. dun think so much lo you.. you think too much ad ler...
    2008-03-09 3:39 PM

    Thanks my dear....I know you're worry about sorry to let you worry lo....That day when Cherry is taken away by Kah Wai I am really very sad you know?? I didn't talk to you guys because I know if I say something then I am surely gonna start crying already...I know myself and I don't wanna let you guys see me cry so I choose not to talk lo.....

    And I am really very very sorry for wanting you to accompany me to Kah Wai's house just to see Cherry and you're actually very sick that time...I asked you not go with me but you insist to go...I know you go with me because you're worry about me.....Sorry er.....I know you're suffering while I am playing with Cherry.....Forgive me for being so selfish k?? And I heard Victor said you straight away vomit when you reach home...Is it true?? I am really very sorry er......I owe you once...So I am gonna pay you back in return!!! Madam, what do you want me to do for you?? I am willing to be your slave for once and serve you until you achieve the highest satisfaction level!!! wakakakakakakaa....Don't misunderstand ya??

    Anyway, I am really glad that you're there for me when I need someone to be with...Actually that night I called Dennis and Khai Sing to accompany me one..But when I called Dennis, he has already felt asleep that time and I asked his roommate to wake him up so when he answered my phone call...he straight away say good night to me...=.=" you know Dennis one la...hahahaha...still remember that time when we called him because of the emergency alarm rang during midnight?? He replied:" I think there's no fire, good night.." hahahahahaha.....And when I called Khai Sing, she said she has reached home so don't wanna come out anymore.....Luckily you're willing to go with me lo....hahahaha...Thanks my dear...

    Anyway, as mummy always said, what is past is past...nothing we can do also....If there's really someone that hates me that much also I can do nothing la right?? But to be honest, you guys didn't say out doesn't mean you never pissed me off ge ma.....But whatever it is...I will try to accept the fact lo...Ling taught me one...Even if I know someone hates me that much....I just act as I know nothing least I will feel better this way...=)

  • han wei dun like that la..
    2008-03-08 12:03 PM

    Aiyo.....sometimes not that I wanna be like should understand how I feel one right?? When you're really very upset of matter how hard you try to forget also you can hardly forget about it one....I tried not to think of it...but I just can't stop thinking about it because it does mean a lot to understand me?? I think you will understand...=)

    Anyway, thanks for sending me a message of concern.....Will catch up with you next time when we meet....tell me more about you lately k?? Then we can know each other more lo...hahahaha.........XOXO....=)

  • ~T-RoxXx~ why so emo??Ha ha ha
    2008-03-08 10:17 AM

    Why emo?? hmm...good question...But I really donno how to answer you lo...If you really wanna know....ask Victor during your yum cha session lo...or if you really want me to tell, date me la!!!! the way, your ang pao is still with Victor...If you still don't go and collect from him then when one day he go and use up the money inside you don't come and beg me to give you another ang pao ar!! hahahahaha......

    And to mummy and daddy,

    sorry for all the inconveniences that I have caused to you matter what it is...It's already the past now and I hope you guys will forgive me for being so rude, selfish, and etc etc.......Yea...I know you guys really get pissed off by me at times but you never say it out...because you know I will never listen?? maybe yes, or maybe no....But I just want you to matter what happened, we're still a team...we're still friends...because we're still staying together under one roof...unless I shift out and you'll never see me ever again la.....(let me know if you hope this to happen)

    And I hope you'll at least try to tell me if you really cannot stand my bad attitude and behavior...Then at least I can change and be a better person that you want me to be...right?? I promise I will listen to you and really think of what you say k??

    Daddy, sorry for not talking to you that day when Cherry is taken away by my friends...As I've told yirui...I remain silent because I know I will surely cry out if I start talking because I am really very sad at the moment....I don't wanna cry in front of you guys so I rather keep quiet than to cry lo....sorry ya?? And I heard Ling said both of you quarreled that night also?? Is it because of me again?? If it is....I am very sorry...I don't mean to cause so many things to happen.....Sorry.....Hope my apology will be accepted by the both of you.....And Lastly I hope our friendships will last forever too....=)

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