Sunday, February 10, 2008

My next target...W580i

My father has bought me a new pink digital camera as birthday present!! I am so so so happy coz I have been dreaming of having a personal digital camera since ages and finally my dream comes true....YAY!!!hehehe...

Here are some photos of my SONY DSC-T70
photographer : victor

But as you know, human beings won't be satisfied with things we've got...So, my next target will be Sony Ericson's W580i..It has a few colors to choose..But of coz I will choose pink la...hahahaha...SONY ROCKS!!!

Actually I also don't know since when I started to like pink so much...hahahahahaha...Is that all girls do like pink?? I don't think so but I am pretty sure most of them are...And Xia xue is a very good example...for those who read her blog will know..=)

Photos of W580i..(metro pink)

Very thin huh?? =)

After it has been crystaliced looks nice too right?

But actually I like how it looks only...Anybody is using this phone or do you know how's the function of it? Is it worth buying it??

Anyways, I am not gonna buy it so soon..coz I have just bought a new camera...So, I think I shall work and earn money to buy it by myself....I felt so bad coz always using daddy's money...hmm...But don't worry...I have promised to buy him a big bungalow next time when I can afford...I SAID IT AND I MEAN IT!!! hahahahaha....

By the way, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all of you who read my blog!!hahahaha..I will blog about new year in my next post...stay tuned ya? ciaoz...=)

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