Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random post...

Holidays are FUN and RELAXING....How I wish everyday is a holiday and I don't need to study for exams, quizzes or whatsoever...But I know my dreams will never come true except when when I'm dreaming...*sigh*

Anyways, here's a video of my and Duncan singing..(in chinese) Enjoy!!

btw, I miss my ling ling a =(

Here are some of the photos that we've taken before my ling ling went back to Tawau >>

Went to Sg Wang a day before my dear went back to Tawau..

nice outfit huh? hahahaha..

my dear ling and her god sista..

Camwhore with my beloved ling ling when we're back from Sg Wang...

Our new spectacles..very secocok right?? hahahaa...

And this is Jie ru...Ling's god sister...=)

Me and Jie ru...

We bought two cute diaries for mummy and Yirui..hope they'll like it lo...

10 minutes before they leave me....=(

Last photo of the two of them before they leave....

Btw, congratulations to our beloved ling ling...She's National Champion for the classical singing!!!!

Video of her singing (Semi Finals)

Incredible huh?? =)

Camwhore with my new sunglasses..XD

Went shopping with Victor and his family at Jusco (near sg long)

Neilson ( victor's brother ) and Victor..trying shirts in the fitting room..

And for this...

I love the way he looks with this attire...I choose for him one..He has bought the short pants but he doesn't like the top coz he said the size of the shirt was way too big...So.............bye bye nice shirt...XD

Went out with darl to celebrate our 15th months anniversary at Times Square but before that, we dropped by KLCC to buy tickets for the chamber music concert...

our tickets >> RM10 per ticket..

After we bought the tickets...we hanged around and took some nice pictures..


I purposely wear white shirt and cap to match victor..hahahaha..

Leave KLCC and headed to Time Square's Cosmo theme park!!! yay!!

We paid RM30 per person for the entrance fees but only got to play 4 know why?? Because I wasn't feeling well...Maybe was because I just had a set of McChicken...Still very full...some more drank 2 cups of coca cola...*sigh* shouldn't have eaten that much...I vomited while riding on the fourth ride...So SO SO SOsOSoSoSoSoSOSOOSOSo disgusting...I vomit until my hands, legs, shoes also got....Luckily nobody saw it because I was still on the ride (flying)...But poor Victor, he sat besides me...those disgusting things keep rolling here and there...hahahaha...Now when I think back I really feel very sorry to those people who have to clean those things lo..hahahaha...

Cosmo world!! I WILL BE BACK!!! This is the first time I ended up like memalukan...And I could say that it's really a waste lo...What to do?? hahahaha...

Btw, Just to explain to those who's curious about my hair...Why is it suddenly so long already?? hahaha...It is actually a wig that comes with a hat....I bought it from Sg wang that day...

Everybody is interested to my WIG...but too bad...not everyone suits wearing it...hahahahaha...

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