Tuesday, January 15, 2008

K box singing competiton..

Finally, the singing competition is all over!! FINALLY!! hahaha..I am so relieve now..But I am gonna miss all the participants a lot~ Although I only get a bronze award, but I am still very happy because if it wasn't this singing competition..I am not gonna know Emily, Joe, Shu Yi, Nick, Xiao Tong, Adrian, Alex, Dickson, Dick Mun, Shun Wai, Jien Wei, Sze Yan, Aaron, Hanson, Chao Zhong... I am so glad to know all of them!! Being with them is like...hmm...I donno how to express my feelings now but all I can say is....I really enjoy being with them!!!

We've been through a lot of things...

from top 50..

to top 20...

And finally the ten of us!!

A memorable photo of the ten of us...FRANCE...friendship remains and never can end...

Let's start with...
Xiao tong

She is my first best friend in this singing competition..and we are the coolest partner ever...we sang "lei gong lei oi ngo" for the Sam tet performance and I really enjoyed myself a lot so I hope you did too..hahaha..we practice singing together, laugh together, comment on each other's singing...but unfortunately, she didn't manage to get into top 10...but don't worry..I will never forget about you!! So you must not forget about me too k? We must keep in touch!!! MUST!! When you're free, do give me a call or message me ya? Friends forever...=)


Emily is my second best friend in this singing competition..we started to get closer after semi finals...She even stayed over night at my house after the rehearsals for the k king concert..We have a girl's talk that night...We talked about everything....and to be honest, it's really cool chatting with you..you're very straight forward..you'll straight away tell me your feelings and all...not like those people out there...only know how to backstab people and don't dare to say in front of me...such a coward!! Whatever...I don't care also..hahaha...back to the topic..actually I have learned a lot of things from you...you might not notice that but it's true..XD somehow, it's cool to have a friend who's elder than me..At least you know more things than I do..and thanks for sharing all your experiences with me...Although the competition has ended...but I hope we'll still be friends forever...coz there's much much more things that I would like to learn from you!! Btw, I also would like to meet your pet!! your so called "*handsome* lizard..wakakakakaka..I still don't understand why he gave you a big lizard as your birthday present!! weirdo..* If my bf gave me a lizard as my birthday present..I will straight away faint in front of him!! hahaha...

Sze Yan,

seriously, my first impression towards you is..*qun* I thought you're those person who will simply scold people...got big sister's temper and all...but after getting closer with you...only get to know that you're actually so friendly...not as what I thought based on my first sight...hahaha...I started to like your character and all..coz you're quite similar as Emily, very straight forward too...and I find you very cute~!! Although you always wear until very mature...but still your cuteness is there...ahahaha...must stay cute k? And one more thing..an advise from me, you shall never get distracted by whatever problems while you're singing..especially relationship problems..it'll affects your singing one...know? take care la my cute little friend..and lastly, I love your powerful voice!!! love ya...muax..=)


I got not much things to write about you coz you're always so crazy...hahaha...but I could say that you've really brought a lot of happiness for us..thanks a lot for entertaining us wor...lolx..hey!! Honestly speaking..although all of them said your red hair is disgusting and whatsoever...even Sze yan said it looks terrible...but I think it's nice wor...I am serious you know? hahahaha...so keep it up k? Do whatever you think it's right..Don't need to care about how others said about you...as long as you yourself like it then ok already...=)


hmm....Do you know you have actually helps me out in many ways? Maybe you never noticed about it..but it really does mean a lot to me...Like that day before finals..you came over to teach me the right way of singing that cantonese song...correct my cantonese's slang...correct my tune and asked me not to give up...If it wasn't you who comfort me that day...I think I have already give up..I am still planning not to turn up on the finals...coz I can't even enter my competition song properly...I am so not in mood that day...I even throw the microphone aside!! hahahaha...I practiced until very very frustrated and suddenly you appear...hahaha...you're really like an angel lo...hahaha...anyway...thanks a lot brother!! hahaha...Why are you always there to comfort me ar?? hmm..you don't seem to be like a 16 years old boy lo...I never thought of a 16 years old boy can comfort me and really calm me down lo..hahaha...first experience...XD you look more like my elder brother...so next time I shall call you gor gor...not di di...lolx..But please...for your own sake...stop smoking ok? It's really very bad for your health!! You must learn how to love yourself before you love others..know?? I hope you'll think twice before you smoke...Every time before you smoke...think of me pointing at you and asked you not to smoke!! And you must stop it!! promise??

Alex (Ah ba),

you're the one who always send us message to wish us good luck and all...I'm very glad to know you too!! Thanks for guiding us throughout the competition...from audition to finals...I know you've tried your best to give us the best!! thanks!! Hope we'll still keep in touch..as Dickson said, although this competition has ended, you will still treat us as your zai zai lui lui one hor?? hahahaha...I am so glad to have such a young daddy!! hahaha...Ah Ba!! take care and don't ya ever forget about me!!!

Jien Wei,

my leng zai...hahahaha...seriously ar, if you're elder than me hor...I sure kao you one..but unfortunately you're not...so I can only treat you as my little brother lo..so sad...lolx...Anyways, we must keep in touch ya? If free call me out to go yum cha or sing k la..I introduce leng luis to you...wakakakaka...take care...=)

Shun Wai,

our Champion for the K king singing competition!!! You singing is incredible!! keep it up ya? Hope to see you next time on tv!!! Go join Super star or Astro talent quest k?? I have confidence in you!!! ADD OIL!!! =)

Hanson, Once again, I am NOT a banana ok?? hahaha...you're the only one who speaks english with me in this singing competition..but it's fun though..hahahaha...love your Energetic singing voice!! Keep it up pal!!! Do keep in touch too ya?? take care and God bless...

Chao Zhong,

Though I am not that close with you...but still I think you're cool~!! And you have incredible voice too!! must continue singing and joining competitions k?? Looking forward to see you on tv too!!!! take care and do keep in touch!!! lastly, congratulations for being in the top 5!!!! *cheers!!!*

And for Nick,

Shu Yi,


Dick Mun,

and Aaron

..I would like to thank you guys a lot...because I really did enjoy myself a lot being with you guys!! Except for Dick Mun, I'm not that close with you..maybe it's because you're always not free and didn't go for meetings and practices with us...hahaha...Anyways....Just wanna let you know that you'll be remembered by me always...take care!!! NICK and SHU YI!!!! Don't give up on singing!!! Both of you has a very special voice too...esprecially Nick, don't always said your own voice is not good or whatsoever..I could say that you have a very very unique voice...spend more time to practice your singing and I am sure you'll be Malaysia's next top star!!! ADD OIL!!!! And also I would like to thank you for always supporting me!! Maybe it might not mean anything to you but it really do mean a lot to me...THANKS!!! Must remember me k? call me out or whatever if you're in Ipoh....take care too!!!

I will post up all the photos that we've taken throughout the competition soon...If you wanna check out those photos..STAY TUNED....XD leave me some messages in my chatter box on your right k? MUAX....

PHOTOS will be uploaded soon...stay tuned*


thungthung said...

Hey girl, thank you very very much for the neat and nice blog on the k king competition. I was surprised! ^_^ But ho, why didn't you use a picture of me smiling leh? I look so fierce in that pic hahahaha.

I'm glad to know you too...you are always cheerful and fun! I like to look at your pictures too...I'm jealous of the nice pictures you have on you blog and also on friendster. I wish somebody can take nice nice pics of me and edit them nice nice also hahaha.

I'm sorry that I didn't sms you very often~ I still remember you haha.

Take care girl~ keep in touch ^_^

@ng31a said...

But I like that pic of urs lo...look so cool~ hahahaha....must remeber me always k? love ya....