Wednesday, December 5, 2007

what am I up to??

Hm...Have been busy preparing for this coming singing competition..

K box singing competition

Date: 8th of dec 2007
venue: Ipoh Parade main stage
time: 2pm

Do come and support me if you're free that day!!! Thank you.

Other than practicing songs...I do other stuff too....hmmm....

I use wet tissue to fold things when I quarreled with my parents while having dinner outside...

Perfume given by Daddy..

composing songs...(these are my draft papers)

Checking friendster almost everyday..that's why last month there's 936 person who viewed me because I updated my profile/ photos very often...

Went back to kl to find darl..

Me n mummy...

Went shopping and camwhore in the fitting room...XD

me & Vien...

Me alone...(I love this top but I look fat with I didn't purchase it..='[ )

Will be going to K box again tomorrow to practice my competition songs...XD

THe eeND

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