Saturday, December 8, 2007

k box singing competition (semi finals)

I am in!! YAY!! I manage to get into top 10!!!!!!!I am so so so happy..But it's really very tiring...reached parade at about 10.30am this morning to let those sponsors to set my hair and make up...then everything ends at 7 something at night..went back to K box for a free dinner and have a short meeting of the events we are gonna prepare for this coming Christmas...

24th of dec -- we'll be performing at heritage hotel..
29th of dec -- performing at Stadium Indera Mulia together with chao ge!!!I am so so so excited!!!! hehehehehe...

Today's videos..

my first song >> hurt by Christina Aguilera...

my second song >> A chinese song [kou dai by wen lan]

backstage [everybody is busy preparing..=)]

My hair and make up...kinda like this make up..especially my lips and eyes...=)

My best friend in this competition --[Xiao Tong] I am gonna miss ya aloads...muax..

Me and Wong Mun..she's very good in dancing!!!

Ah yan and Me...she's good in singing although she's just 16 years old...sweet 16...=)

Me and Emily...she's one of the participants of astro talent quest top 8....super geng!!

Me and Jia Min!!! thanks for coming to support me!!! muax..


She's so cute!!! agree? How I wish she's my daughter...ehehehehe...

the end....


ksing~ said...

u r cool my dear~
add oil~
u can do it!!!
gam ba te~

@ng31a said...

thanks wor....I will try my very very best ge la...but those contestants really very strong lo..Anyway...looking forward to see you soon!!! muax..