Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ling's 22nd's birthday celebration at Zoo Negara~

As the title said, we celebrated Ling's birthday at Zoo Negara because that is what she wants!! And I told her I will do whatever you want me to do on her birthday so we accompany her to the Zoo and went to SPCA after that but it is closed. And after dinner we went for a movie~

To cut it short I will just let the pictures do the talking...yeah, as usual. XD

Some pictures of the animals~
WOW. This is a HUGE turtle I tell you!!! Don't know how many years have it been alive~ =.="

Pinkish flamingo~ I likey!!

Giraffe~!! They look adorable~ Don't you think so?

A picture of me and my boy~
Don't know why my mouth looks so HUGE in this picture!!

The gangsters~XD

The lovely couple~ Thierry's holding my pink bottle~ LOL!!

Why lah Thierry always act cool one!! But he's still holding my bottle! Thank you Thierry!! XD

Another picture of the 2 of us....=)
Love this picture!!

I took quite a lot of pictures of darlie using my N97~

Love the effects of this picture!! I PS-ed one okay? hehehe...


Let's ZOOM in~

And lastly, a picture of Ling holding her birthday cake at the car park of our condominium! It was suppose to be a surprise but failed!
Whatever it is, hope you enjoy your 22nd birthday with us and sad to say this will be the last birthday we are celebrating with you (unless I go and find you at Birmingham which I will one day!!) so hope you did enjoyed yourself and do note that all of us love you a lot!! Especially ME!! =) I think Imma gonna cry a lot when you leave us......T.T

So from now onwards, I will treasure each and every moment being with you!! But you know what? Sometimes I really wish you don't get the scholarship or the University don't want you loh!! So that you can be nearer to us mah!! Sorry for being selfish but I really hope you won't leave us lo.....T_T Typing this already makes me wanna cry!!

Enough already!! Hate you loh!! How can you leave us alone here?? Really enough already! I wanna sleep already!! nitez people~^^


ling said...

aha.. nah1! this is the first time which im the one who comment here!! i feel proud of mysel now!!

dear poor little gal1! thx for loving me so much!! n accompaying me the whole day!! which ur lines prove correct...(secret*)

so u have promised me to come and find me ha!! but i wont guarantee that i can bring u around unless i reallyknow the place and so and so . and hope i wont have exam tat time....then we play around europe k!!don forget to watch opera haha.. u save much much money lar1.. hopefully i still got money though im still studying.!!

Angela Ong said...

Get a part time job when you reach there!! So that when I go find you, you can sponsor my whole trip!! hahahaha.....XD

I'm really sad lo!! This coming birthday who is going to celebrate with me?? Don't forget I got no friends one lo....All my friends always ffk me one lo...expect you...ToT Don't wanna talk about it already....nitez!!

Anonymous said...
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Irenelim said...

Celebrated birthday at zoo negara... hmmm, that's first time I hear about this. :)

The turtle looks so tough!

Angela Ong said...

LOL!! I thought this idea was weird too and at first I thought she was just kidding but this is what she really wanna do so I accompanied her!! This is what friends are for right? =)

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