Thursday, June 4, 2009

Standout party anyone??

I will be going to the standout party organized by Nuffnang this coming Saturday!! Who's going?? If you're going do leave me a comment ya?

By the way, me, coco and friends went shopping today to find our costume for that night and I found mine~!! Damn excited can~!! ~**XD

And yea, who has got extra tickets for the party?? Do let me know if you got ya? I want Victor to go with me but he's got no tickets...=(

So, I will see you guys there ya? *.*

signing off with loads of love and kisses~^^


vialentino said...

not going liow....too old to club...kekeke....just kidding. got open house party this weekend ler. enjoy urself.

@ng31a said...

Eh? Got open house also never invite me?? Bad la you!! XD

Anonymous said...

haha im not going.. lol..
too far la.. haha..
all the best!
you know coco huh.. lol..
just found out from her blog.. haha.. =D

@ng31a said...

Yeah~ I went to the party with her. You know her too?? =)

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

Yo babe! :) :) i want da piccie that we took together at last nite's standout partehh. If im not mistaken, there's two?

send 2me please?

@ng31a said...

Sure babe~ Muaxie~^^

samanthacje said...

hey girl!!!! good party yea? :) u want the group pic of us? add me on msn? or u want me to send to vic? :D

taufulou said...

dropping you a line leh~

Simon Seow said...

wei. add me to facebook la.

@ng31a said...

Dear, can you send those pictures to my email?
Thanks a lot ya? Nice meeting you~^^

Hahaha...Tau fu lou?? You're Bok right?? Nice meeting you too~^^ Thanks for dropping by~^^

Simon Seow~
You add me la...I don't know how to add!! I seldom use facebook one!! Hahaha....XD

taufulou said...

yes..i m blog world i m taufulou..wakaka

@ng31a said...

Hahahaha...Why toufu?? You love taufu is it?? LOL!!