Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This post is specially dedicated to my best friend Dennis!!

Me and Dennis planned to do our homework together tonight but he ffk-ed me!! He said he is tired and he wanted to sleep!! Hmpf!!!

So, to release my tension, I decided to post a very ugly picture of him up here and remind him not me ffk me ever again!!
(My photoshop skills have improved a lot huh? Thank you!! LOL!!)

Hmm..actually I think he looks more handsome this way...
(tell me if you wanna see the actual picture of him!! Wakakakaka~XD)

By the way, I have changed my hair style again~

Here is a picture of me taken few days ago during Malaysian Dream Girl Finale at the curve~^^
Yes. Believe your eyes. My hair is really that long now!! Wuhuuu~
I love extensions~^^

That's all for now~ Sorry for being so random!! Hahaha...XD
Good Night people~^^=*


Mei-Wah said...

i love your new hairstyle! *long live hair extensions!!!*

@ng31a said...

Hahaha...I love it too!! But still not used to it la!! Suddenly my hair become so long and black!! LOL!!

@ting said...

nice hairstyle^^
lol..its longer than mine now..=)

Anonymous said...

that guy's pic is photoshopped? not make up ar? haha..

wow nice new long black hair.. haha =D

c0co said...

OMG!!dear!!!i love ur new look nehx!!!!!!GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!anyway...

next time go where can tag me along arhx...i wan go bt no transportT___________T~*

.:Leeming:. said...

Angela!!!!hahaha im gonna miss u sooo effin much too...will beep u then we go out yumcha...thx for supporting ya huggies~oh yea u look stunning tht nite XOXO~

@ng31a said...

yea, longer than yours already!! Jealous or not?? Hahaha...go do hair extensions also la~ LOL~^^

Photoshopped la...Hahaha!! Looks real kah?? Hahaha...XD

Anyways, thanks for your compliment~^^

@ng31a said...

sure thing!! But where you wanna go?? Hahaha...see lah~ If next time got any event I tag you along~^^

You promised me gah!! Looking forward to see you guys again~^^ You look gorgeous that night too~!!! You'll always be my Dream Girl~^^ Muax~ Love ya loads~=*

Jialin said...

You looked gorgeous with the hair extension, baby!


Angela Ong said...

Jialin dear~
You really thought so? But I am not used to my black hair lo...after so many years of hair coloring, suddenly my hair turns black again! Hahaha...XD

Jialin said...

Haha..Original colour ma.

You can still dye it anytime you want, right?


@ng31a said...

Yea...but not so soon lo...coz my hair is in very bad condition now. T.T

@ SmalL G!RL said...

i like ur new look!! prettier wo :)

@ng31a said...

I miss you so much!! How're you??

Thanks for your compliment dear!!! ~^^

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