Friday, May 15, 2009

MDG Finale!!

After 2 months plus, finally it's time to choose only one girl that represents Malaysia!! Do you know that the finale is actually TODAY?? 15th of May 2009? I am so excited right now!! Who's gonna be the next Malaysian Dream Girl?? I bet all of you are looking forward to know that results also right? Be at THE CURVE tonight at 7pm and be the first to know the results!!

Who do you wish to win? Dawn, Pinky or Juanita? I love all 3 of them so I have already treated them as my Dream Girls. But there will only be one winner tonight. Who will it be? Be there to find it out!!

I will be there too~ So I will see you guys tonight k?

signing off with loads of huggs and kissesss.....Muax~^^

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