Saturday, March 28, 2009

I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

If I am a musicon celebrity, I will do a few things,

1, Find a partner.
2, Get ourselves some nice outfit that will get people's attention.
3, Composed our own song. (Always use people's song not good right?? XD)
4, Be ourselves!! XD

So, here is the video composed by me and Dennis--my partner but inspired by Sean Ooi.

Before you watch the video,

Dennis: My tomyum no groove arr~
Angela: My tomyum's groove is not there also!!
Sean: Woah~ you guys can use the word groove to describe food one ar?? Wahahaha...

The word "groove" to us is like err....No specific meaning. We just used it for fun!!

Sean: Eh, you know ar? During 1998...
Dennis: I don't now wor..I really don't know...
Sean: Hehehehehe......
Dennis: I really don't know the story, you tell lah!!
Sean: know ar? During 1998, there was a person....
Dennis: I really don't know~!

After awhile, Sean move his arms and started dancing.

Me and Dennis was like, What the Hell are you doing?? =.="

And Sean replied: I am grooving~!!

We all laugh our ass off after he said that!!!

After that,

Dennis continued: Okay Sean, seriously, what happened during 1998?

And he pack his stuff and LEAVE....LOL!!!

So, me and Dennis used everything Sean said and composed a song~
That's why I said it was inspired by Sean!! LOL!!

Although it is just a random song..but it really meant a lot to us!! LOL

Check this out >>>

This is the final video~!! How was it?? Nice kan?? I will still laugh when I watch the video now!! Soooo....RANDOM!!! Hahaha....

We failed for almost 10 times!! Coz I really can't stand to not laugh!! LOL!

Here are 2 trial videos >>

Must check it out!!
It is even more funnier than the final video!! XD

1st trial..

2nd trial..

Which video do you like the most?? I like the 1st trial the most!! Hahahaha...XD

Nuffnang Music Bash 2009, I am coming!!! XD

Date of Event : 4th of April 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 6pm till 10pm
Venue : Maison, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, KL
Dress Code : Musician Celebrities


crazywrazy said...

here goes your comment! very nice! very hilarious! very syok! very funny until stomachache!

daydreaminggurl said...

haha... finally i got the chance to see tat video ad la.. hahaha...

@ng31a said...

Yeah yeah!! I laughed until stomachache too!!! LOL!!! Which video you like the most huh??

Hahahaha....Funny right?? Until now I watch also I laugh my ass off!!! XD

Happy Angel said...

damn funny lo...hahaha...

i'm groovin...groovin...groovin...groovin.....F**K Urself!!!!!!

lolz..this is hilarious!!!..

@ng31a said...

Yes I know that!! LOL!!! Which video you like the most?? Trial 1?? Hahahahaha....XD

Jialin said...


I wanna talk talk talk.

Your friend and you are so funny, random and cute.

Why you wore different outfits in 3 different video? so cute.

You made my day.

I prefer trial 2. teehee!

Good day, hugs!

@ng31a said...

Hahaha...yeah~ We purposely record this video and pass it to Sean as his birthday present!! LOL!!

Yeah~ I wanted to try different outfits ma..LOL!!

Joy said...

sooo cute u both..funny videos there angela xDDD !!

@ng31a said...

Hahaha...hope you enjoy watching it~^^

YuanXin said...

haha definitely an interesting one!

@ng31a said...

Yuan Xin,
Thanks for your compliment~^^

萨迦.令狐冲 said...

Fucking funny! I gonna promote your videos! hahaha

@ng31a said...

HAHAA!!! Don't need lo!!! LOL!!!

Barbie said...

hah hah... 1 try, 2nd try, and the final version! Awesome celebrities! Barbie wanna laugh laugh laugh!

@ng31a said...

You're back once again!!! I wanna muax muax muax Barbie!!! Hahaha....XD

coco said...

U BOTH ARE SERIOUSLY OMGOSH!!!hahahahahahaha~~oh lips crack even more cham d!!!beh tahan u both sooo ddamn funny!!!hAHAHAhahaaaaaaa~*

@ng31a said...

LOL!!! it was my friend's birthday present lo!!! it??