Sunday, February 8, 2009

Angel and friend.

During Chinese New Year, I went to Emmerlyn's house for her sister's dog's birthday. LOL!! Oh wait, did I spell her name correctly?? Hmmm....Anyways, we knew each other in a pet's party held months ago.

Pictures >>
Her baby.

Emmerlyn and her baby girl.
So cute right?? I know!!

Me and Emmerlyn with our babies.
Angel used to be very cute too!! But now....=(

And finally~ A pic of me with Emmerlyn's babies~^^
They both look cute!! agree??


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


so cute lol!!


u supposed to go for any competitions after angel grow her hair back~

@ng31a said...

I wish to too!! But Angel got no certificate one..How??

oLive said...

Both are cutie neh..
but i inherently don like pets..
haha.. haha..
but luckily u have fall in love on something... mean better than me since i don like what i like most!

@ng31a said...

You don't like what you like most?? What do you mean??

jadezheng said...

i thought they were toys at 1st!!! lol~ i wish i can hv a puppy too... ):

@ng31a said...

Yeah~!! I love toy poodle because they look like a toy and they are CUTE!!!

Hahaha...if you wanna have one, I can help you to get a better price maybe. Let me know what breed do you want ok? =)

Jialin said...

Sob sob! I want to have a pet too!!!

awww..toy poodle is so cute!

me likey! Heh!

btw, why trim angel's hair?


@ng31a said...

You want a pet too?? Put it in action and get one la!! It's really happy to own one!! Seriously!!

I shaved her because they said their fur will grow nicer and more curly after it!!! =)

Victor said...

very cham lo shaved till like that

@ng31a said...

Charm la....but how? also shaved already lo..=(

Jialin said...

haha..ya lor..very cham..but never mind lah, will grow and become a better and prettier one.

Do you shower her everyday? heh!

@ng31a said...

No i didn't. I showered her after 3-4 days. Depends la...If smelly then bath earlier lo...Hahaha...=)

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

Your friend is pretty! xD

@ng31a said...

LOL!! you ar~!! memang ham sap lo!! Always focus on my friend only!! hahaha...XD