Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A lovely drawing by WendyBB^^

I am so happy right now~!!! WendyBB has just draw me a very sweet and nice pic~!!! I heart it a lot~!!! I can't explain my feelings now through words....but what I can say is....She's really a very nice and cute person~!! I felt so glad to know her~!!! MUAX~!!! <3 style="color: rgb(255, 204, 204);">>>>>The lovely picture<<<<

Nice right??? So CUTE~!!!! awh~~~~

And here are some words that she left for me....

"This is my drawing, as promised for you, how is it ? Do you like it ?
The drawing is the symbol of our truly friendship, we have the same heart on our hands.
Even though we know each other in short time, but I have made you my best friend.
In the end, I wish you happy everyday and I hope that our friendship can be forever."

Yea...I am sure our friendship will last forever~!!! muax~!!! Love you and Barbie loads~!!!


wendybb said...

i'm the 1st person drop u a comment~
Friendship Forever Ya ^.^
** MuaCks **

@ng31a said...

Yay~!!! Friendship forever~!!! Thanks BB for drawing me that lovely picture ya??? love you loads....<3

icebreaker said...

wow, u draw it urself? that's nice! :)

hana said...

so cute!!! chibi pic of you both! ur fren is so sweet =)

@ng31a said...

Icebreaker, It's drawn by WendyBB....Nice right?? I love it a lot too!~!!^^

Hana, yea...she's sweet enough to gather all the butterflies and bees....lolx...XD

Barbie said...

Yes my Princess friends are so sweet in a way that I can't describe them into words! I love you Angie! Wendy! Yin Yin! Forever friendship!!! <3 Flying heart all the way from here to the one and the only princess friend of mine! I love you! Repetition is allowed for the word LOVE! ((((Hugss)))) U notice 3 hugs from me? Those hugs go to my dear Angie, Wendy, and Yin Yin! <3

Angie? Barbie do know what it feels like to have someone does sth from their heart for us. It's the best gift ever!

@ng31a said...

Yea know me the best~!! We LOVE you too~!!! =)


*hugs and kisses*