Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to change your eye color?

Everybody is asking me how to change my eye color using photoshop after the colored contact lenses post...So, I am here to shout out my secret of changing my eye color using photoshop~!~^^

I am using meimei's photo to demonstrate because she asked me to edit for her...
(meimei, hope you don't mind ya? XD)

So, here comes....

First step is to browse the picture that you want to edit...

So, here comes meimei's lovely picture~ ^^

drag the picture into your photoshop...

Hold onto the brush's tools...

then you'll see the word color replacement tool as shown on it..

And now you can choose what color you want >>

Meimei said she wants a blue or green eye...So I choose blue for her...^^
*p/s: choose a darker color so that your eyes will look more natural~^^* you can color your eyes...=)
click "ctrl + " to enlarge the picture..

See!! Mei mei has got lovely blue eyes now~!!

to save the file, click file, save as, change it to JPEG file and then SAVE~^^

>>> meimei, you can grab ur photo here...=)

Spot the differences...=)


Barbie said...

Hah Hah... Mei Mei wanna change her eyes color too? And it's blue ^ ^ What about pink?

Hey my dear Princess Angie ^ ^ Such a cute and lovely angel ^ ^

Wat kind of comment I am giving? Lol... no idea *wink wink*

@ng31a said... matter what kind of comment you'll always be so lovely....muax~!! hehehe....

Yea...meimei said she love blue and green eye....So I purposely choose her a blue eye...though I still prefer her with natural black eye color...what do you think?? *shrugs* hehehe..

Mei-Wah said...

angie gurl... thanks for sharing the step by step of using photoshop to change my eye color! hehehe... i don't have to buy color contact lense, thanks to you, angie~~~

did u bought the toy poodle from BB? is it cute?

@ng31a said...

Hahaha....No problem...^^
Isn't it easy to edit your eye color using photoshop?? So you can now change ur eye color using photoshop...No need to waste money to buy already~!!XD

Chobits said...

I saw this in Mei Mei blog too! ^^
Thanks for teaching us patiently but i don't have photoshop.
You are really pro! Mei Mei eyes turn blue so pretty~ >.<

@ng31a said...

Hahaha...but blue eyes doesn't suit meimei huh?? Meimei looks nicer with her natural eyes..=)