Friday, November 2, 2007

Random post...

Well..I am kinda lazy to blog recently..even now..I am feeling dizzy but don't worry...I am gonna finish this post..

Let's start with Victor's birthday photos >> 6/10/07

At first we thought of giving him a birthday surprise daddy came to condo to fetch me, mummy and Ling to Victor's condo..but who knows? he's too smart to have a surprise...hahahaha...nevermind...we still enjoyed ourselves a lot....

Victor's mother ordered a lot of pizza and also cooked a lot of food..yummy yummy...hahaha..

First birthday present from me >> (Jacket and a shorts)

lovely couple >>

Me and Vic's cousin sister...

She's so cute....=)

Birthday cake !!! (Classic cheese)

from mummy, daddy, ling, yirui, and yinn cher..

The next day, we went to eat pan mee at cheras's famous pan mee stall (mei yee pan mee)

I thought of going back to my condo to get my file but realize I didn't bring my key out and nobody was at home that I asked victor to pose for me lo..hehehe...wearing the jacket that I gave..

Cool huh?! He's mine...hehehe..

Went to watch a classical recital...then Kai Sing fell asleep...Actually this is what we usually do in the recital hall while watching classical recital..really very boring one lorh!!!

While waiting for the next class...(DENNIS)

That night..I moved my bed and cupboard..cleaned the floor and tidied up my room...It took me few hours to finish...hahaha...I do until 4 something in the morning ar..hahaha...

MUMMY!!!! (Actually she doesn't allow us to post this photo up...but I curi-curi post one of them...hehehehe...Shhh..don't tell her ya? XD)

This is my boy!!! HAHAHAHA....


Me and Victor having lunch at mei yee's pan mee again...(we're addicted to mei yee's pan mee!!)

This photo is taken while Victor is driving...hehehe..

(11/10/07, Thursday)
Dinner prepared by LING...I got major class until 7 pm every thursday..Ling scared I can't tahan hungry so she cooked and bring to college for me...she has always been so sweet to me..=) Thanks a lot my dear...

some more got tau fu fa and apple...hahaha..

this is another day...
prepared by me and Victor...hehe..very delicious oh!!


Dinner prepared by ling's mother...Coz that day we have to reached college at 4pm for ling's mother cooked for us and brought to college for us about 6 something..

Yik ling performing...(three little maids)

The three husbands were there to watch our performance...they even parked their car together..hahaha...

After band concert >>
me(sweet) , wei zhong(silly) and tian kiat(moody)...hahaha...

Darl..thanks for coming to watch all my performances...

My head but ling's hand...she's feeding me with those sweet sweet grapes...yummy!!

Hey everyone!! Check this out!! Yik ling is pregnant!!!

That night my hand suddenly gets very I used mummy's marker pen to draw my laptop...


Saw my name? hehehe...

(Ipoh, 27th of Oct)
went back to Ipoh for my singing competition(quarter final)
Duncan followed me to parade for a briefing of the quarter final singing competition...

Me and Duncan at Marry brown...

Duncan helps me to take my hand bag...He usually won't take for me one..but that day donno why suddenly treat me so good!! So I purposely take a photo of it as remembrance..hahahaha..

I've bought a concealer and an eye shadow for tomorrow's competition..

Saw some very cute stickers..I bought it just to paste my hand phone..hehehe...


cute or not?


Duncan saw I paste until so nice..then he said he wanna paste he went back to the stall to buy...
This is his phone...



At night...
me and daddy...

(28th of Oct, Sunday)
Singing competition..I am number 42...

Before my competition starts..yin teng sent me one of her pic and wished me all the sweet of her..muax..

This is ANGELA!!hahaha..

Me and Cheah Lin...

My bestest friend ever since primary school until now!!!

Thanks for coming to support me!! muax...

My hair..Yin teng's mother set it for me..=)

Went back to kl for my piano jury on the 30th of October...after mummy came and fetched me to my god mother's house...At night I got nothing to do so I paste those fake fingernails to my finger..but it keeps dropping I take everything out..

A cute little yet kinda huge puppy given by Victor!! thanks a lot darl're the best...!!! muax!!!

It's now called dao dao...hehehehe...

Dou dou driving me home...hahahaha..

BAND CONCERT (31/10/07)

Eddy and Junie is singing..

I sang two songs that night...
1, Juan Pachanga
2, Highway star

Yik Ling has helped me to record my performances but donno why I can't transfer it to my laptop..weird huh?nvm la..I'll try again next time..

Cute lil Kai Chi...

Oh my gosh!! look at her..she's soOOOOoo0oo000o0o....

I can't think of a word to describe her...hahahaha..

Me and Mr botak!!! (DENNIS) hahaha..

Me and Kah wai...the drummer!!

Me and pretty Sau Mei!!

And this is my pianist WEI ZHONG!!

Me and Kai Chi...=)

Camwhoring again when I reached home...hehehe..

Thanks mummy for coming to watch me perform!! love you loads and loads...muax..


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