Thursday, November 22, 2007

lazy to blog..

Recently I am so lazy to blog..Almost everyday I am editing photos and I donno why....I think I better give up music and take arts..lolx..I wanna be a designer!!!A very very famous designer...but...I know it's not gonna are some of the photos that I've edited during these few days..enjoy...~

lovely mummy~ =)


Stephanie~ cool right? =)


Before and after...=)

this is the one I love the most~ =)

This also..hehehe..

Check this out...interesting...(before and after)
focus on his nose and pimples...XD

Yik ling~

thinner edy huh?mouth also smaller...XD

focus on her chin and teeth~ whiter teeth..and no more braces...

and this is me!! hahaha...focus on me enough edy..lolx..

Btw, I cried that day when I was viewing Jiarou's blog..I don't know what happened...I just suddenly thought back of our past...we used to be very very close until something happened..I cried and cried until Victor called me and asked me to stop crying..I know I shouldn't cry for this small matters but I just can't help it...I can't control my tears either..anyway...just to let you know...I miss you my friend...if only there's a time machine that can bring us back to the past..yea I know..A glass that has once broken..will never be completely fixed..but can't we just try to fix it? though it's hard but at least we tried...right? nvm...ignore me...I am just a jerk who only knows how to hurt people's feelings...~

this is a picture that I've edited's only for you "Jiarou..."
those were the days...=)

Btw, I've permed my hair...never expect my hair will turned out like mar..lolx..At first I thought of straighten my hair only...but when the barber is putting on those medical thingy on my hair..I suddenly thought of doing something else which is the hairstyle I am having now..Coz I saw my friend having this hairstyle too and it looks nice!! But don't know why it turns out like this on me..lolx...

anyhow, I still like it..but not everybody can take it lo..even my bf--victor can't take it...hahaha..but what to do? there's nothing I can do saying it doesn't suits me...ACCEPT IT!! XD

this is called a zig zag hairstyle~ like maggie mee only...lolx..

My hair just burst!!! lolx..accept it no matter you like it or not...!!!

that's all for now..lazy to post edy...bye~

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