Monday, October 1, 2007

Singing audition!!

I went back to Ipoh yesterday very last minute to join a singing audition...At first I planned to go back with my parents because my father just came back from Japan on Saturday night..and my mother purposely came to Kl to fetch my father back to Ipoh...So I asked them to fetched me back also la...should be very convenient right?

Who knows,my father called me yesterday morning about 11 something..Asked me not to go back..Then I said :" I practiced all the songs for my singing audition already and I have put a lot of effort in it..why suddenly asked me not to go back?!?" I was really frustrated by that very moment but what to do? I have to follow..It's an order..So after he called..I went back to sleep..

I woke up at about 2 or 3 something...still thinking of the audition..Yesterday is the last day of the audition..I felt so bad for not joining...So I called Cheah lin to get the K box's phone number and I called to K box to ask when will the audition ends..and they said it'll ends at 8pm...

I was so excited that time because I still got time to rush back to join the audition...So I straight away called Vic and told him that I wanna go back to Ipoh..asked whether he can fetch me to the bus station or not..and he said ok...So I quickly called Cheah Lin they all and asked whether they can fetch me from Ipoh's bus station to Ipoh Parade to join the singing audition and stay at their house for a night or not..Cheah Lin said cannot because she have to attend someone's wedding dinner..Finally, Nga Theng allowed me to stay at her place and she said she'll fetch me from the bus station...HURRAY!!!

So, I started packing all my stuff and here comes Victor...He sent me to Pudu station..give me an accompany until I went up to the sweet of him...=)

Photos of Vic while waiting for my bus to leave..

nearer >>


I used 2 and a half hour to reach Ipoh..The bus driver drove quite fast...lucky me..hahaha...So I reached Ipoh at about 7 o'clock..Nga Theng called me and said she can't fetched me now...So I take a taxi to Parade and it costs me RM10...Then she said she'll come and fetch me later from Parade...So I said okay lo....

When I reached Parade..I quickly go and register and get change for the audition..I paid Rm30 for the registration fee...Kinda expensive huh? But I don't mind lo...coz I just wanna get experience only...So I went into a room to practice my songs..I am the last person who went for this audition...hahaha..Luckily I am still on time...

So, I went for the audition and when I have finished my 2nd song..I thought of leaving already...but those judges asked me to wait for I wait lo...and suddenly...all of them said : CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU CAN STRAIGHT AWAY ENTER THE QUARTER FINAL!!!" I was so so so happy that time!!!! Hahahahahhaahhah!!!! I did it!!!! Means it's a right decision to come back!!!! Thanks VICTOR!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

They gave me a passport to Top 50 which is like this >>>

It is organize by K Box karaoke...

I messaged my brother Duncan and told him that I'm qualified!! And he go and tell my parents that I am back!!! Oh my goodness!!! Because I never planned to tell them that I am back coz my father asked me not to come back..SO, my father called and asked where am I after few seconds..So I said I am at Parade lo..He scolded me and some more hand up my phone..He told me he's at Ipoh also wor...That time I was like WHAT THE?!? If you guys are coming back to Ipoh...why don't you fetch me along?!? Coz at first I thought they wanna stay at Kl longer so they asked me not to go back coz they're not going back...Who knows?!? Straight away all my happy mood is all gone..

Nga theng came and fetched me after awhile...and I asked her whether I should go back or not..She asked me to call my dad and ask..But I don't dare to call my dad anymore...So I ended up calling my mummy..and she answered, :" Of cause you have to come back...If not where else do you wanna go?" So I went back home lo..

I was so scared..but I still have to go back lo..When I reached home..mummy was already sitting outside waiting for me to go back..She asked me to say sorry to my daddy..So I did...but I think now he's ok already gua?!? Coz this morning I hugged him before I leave Ipoh..He also didn't said anything...just asked me to take care only..hehehe..

So I meet Jeanie at the bus station this morning at 8am...Because we got band pracice at 12.20pm..So have to rush back again lo..But I think it is worth lo...Coz I can enter quarter final!! Quarter final is on the 28th of October..So I have to start practicing my song now already...hehehe....So, back to the and Jeanie waited for our bus to come since 7.50am...There's a TRANSNATIONAL bus waiting in front of us so Jeanie went to ask the person who sold her the ticket whether our bus is here yet...and that person asked me to wait outside...So, we continue waiting...Until the TRANSNATIONAL bus closed it's door...I ran over and asked the bus driver where will it stop at and he told me Pudu...So I said nevermind and went back to wait coz the ticket Jeanie bought should be stopping at Jalan Duta...

We waited and waited....and Jeanie's friend called her and they start to chat...But I cannot tahan already...So I went inside and asked the ticket seller where's our bus...why is it not here's alreay 8.2o something..And she told me that the bus has already leaved!!!!! LEAVED?!!! Well...I then start complaining to her...I said just now I went to ask the bus driver where will it stopped at and he said PUDU!!! Then that lady answered me back with:" Bus itu memang pergi ke PUDU...tapi ia akan berhenti di Jalan Duta juga!!!" Well, I know it's too late to argue with her about this...So we bought another ticket...=.="

This is our first ticket..

Don't ever take TRANSNATIONAL's bus!!!

And this is our second ticket....=.="

Photos of Jeanie while sleeping in the bus..lolx..

TAKE 1 >>>

TAKE 2 >>>

>>>>>> End of the story....

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