Monday, October 15, 2007

Genting trip...

Went to Genting two days ago and just came back this evening..I admit I really enjoyed myself a lot this few days...although Genting is extremely packed because of the Raya break..but still..I enjoy la!! hahahaha...I LOVE HOLIDAYS...why not giving us a longer holiday? Holidays are always so relaxing...XD >>>

I cut my fringe and also Victor's hair..hahaha..

went for bowling on the 12th of October night...

me and vic went out for a walk after bowling...

Victor's shoe and my new shoe!!! hehehehe..

>>> bought from NIKE...RM199...but got 10% discount la...=)

Next morning, I took a picture of myself and sent to my mummy..I wrote:"mummy i love you" in my text message...=)

Trying out this it so muchie....=>

Victor's mother trying the sun glasses....(with the price tag on)

Victor's brother >> hahaha...trying the jacket..

Trying the jacket >> so sweet...=)

Vic's mother again...trying the cap this time...nice right?

I saw this cute little shoe in Adidas stall~

A giant's shoe and a baby's shoe...cute~

After, vic and neilson went for the Ripley's believe it or not in first world..

I am sitting on a giant chair!!! hehehehe...

VIC >>

Eh~ look at this..!!!

He can control his eye balls ge....scary...

for this...
focus on the dot in the middle..then slowly move your head forward and backward..

incredible huh?

And for this..say out the colour..not the word...for say green for the first one..not yellow...understand? try it's very challenging...

nice car huh?

it's built with right!!?!!?

And this is ME!!! hahaha...

>> VIC

Vic, Me, Neilson

me again...

Angela almighty!! heehehhehehe....

A sheep with two heads?

Me and Vic's shadow..hehehe...

this uncle's mouth can reach his nose!! Unbelievable? Believe it!!

Highland hotel...

Genting hotel..

me riding on one of the horses of the marry-go-round alone at night...

Vic >>

before we leave Genting..Vic's father brought us to a temple..

>>>>THe eNd <<<<

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