Monday, December 30, 2013

Birthday proposal?

I know this is a little too late to talk about this. But well, late is better than nothing right? 

On the 21st of December this year, which is my birthday, my bf has planned a birthday surprise for me! Well, initially it was meant to be a surprise but I found out! -.- Oh well... 

So on that day, he woke me up at about 12pm and I take my own sweet time to get ready. As he didn't really tell me an exact time. So it's not my fault that I'm late ok? Hahaha...

So everything went really smoothly... Reached puchong wings cafe at about 2.30pm? I don't really remember but after that my friends told me the party was suppose to start at 1pm. Omg!! Everyone was so hungry but they are not allow to eat before I reach! Lol. I'm sucha princess! Wahahaha... 

So yeah, they sang me birthday song, wished me happy birthday, and finally! It's time to EAT!!! Hahaha... I felt so bad after knowing that we are supposed to reached at 1pm! Sorry guys!

After that, my bf went up on stage and started to thank all the friends who came, and etc. I was wondering, there he goes again... Once he started talking, his speech will last forever... Literally. Lol!

And suddenly, I was invited on stage because he has a song that he's prepared and wanted to sing to me! I was like, "Why do I need to be on stage? Can I just sit down here and enjoy listening to the song?" Everybody keeps asking me to go on stage and so I did. 

After the song, he said he has prepared a gift for me! And someone passed him a bouquet of flowers and also a RING!!! I was like, "Seriously?!! Is he gonna propose to me right now??!" I was totally shocked and didn't know what to do! But yes! He knelt to the ground, pulled out the ring and asked, "Will you marry me?" 

And I answered, " I need to ask permission from my mom first!" Everybody bursts out with laughter!!! Omg. I can't believe I just said that! Lol. But finally, I said YES!!! 

Thank you everyone who helped make this happen!! I love all of you so much and words can't express how I feel right now! 

I would like to thank Cassie especially!! Thank you for organizing this whole thing! You are such an Angel!!! I know it has not been easy to gather everyone but you did a great job!!! Very much appreciated! 😘

And I also got this from Yirui, HueyHsiang, and Ling ling!!! I love this a lot!!! It's so memorable~ Thank you guys! 

An umbrella as birthday present??? Wahahahahaha... Ling ling you never fail to amaze me!!! But thank you! It's not just an umbrella! It's a PRETTY umbrella!!! Hahaha... 

I received so many presents and I love them all!!! This is from Reno! I've always heard people saying how good is Holika's product. But it's not selling here in Malaysia so I have never tried this until now!!! Such a thoughtful gift! Thank you Reno!!! Oh, not to forget, she also said she's gonna sponsor our wedding videos!!! Awwww~

Oh! Did I mentioned Jiarou was there too??? When did she came back from Singapore??? Awww~ Thanks for being there with me that day!!! It has been great to see you after so long!!! 

There are so many people that I wanted to thank! I'm not gonna list it all out, but you know who you are right? I'm really grateful to have all of you in my life!!! 

Lastly, there's one person that deserves all the credits... 

It's him!!! My fiancé!! 
Thank you for everything that you have done for me! You have been a truly amazing boyfriend all these while. Although we do argue sometimes, but that doesn't stop us from loving each other more and more!!! 

I swear I will try to be a better partner from now on! 

A heart shape ring is what I have always wanted! And now I got it as my engagement ring!!! How awesome is that??? 

Finally, I'm proud to announce that...

I'm ENGAGED!!!! 💍💎👰

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