Friday, April 30, 2010

Random thoughts

Performed with Cher Siang for Hyundai's car launch event at Glenmarie (Shah Alam). It was such a great experience and I really enjoyed myself although I sing until I almost lost my voice. Hahaha...I should be sleeping by now because there is another gig tomorrow. But well, I so happen to check out my own blog and realized that it has been such a long time since I last blogged about something interesting. So here I am, blogging about some random thoughts of mine. R-A-N-D-O-M. So don't expect much. =)

A lot of things had happened for the past few months. Bad ones and good ones too. But all I can say is, whatever happens, life move on. Your life might be very shitty for the first few months but when you got used to it, everything is gonna be okay!! =D Think positively and do whatever I can to be happy!! Nothing is more important than your own happiness. You live your own life, choose to do what you like, choose what kind of friends you want to be with, and etc. You're your own boss. Nobody is gonna force you unless you force yourself to be forced. That simple.

Life is really simple. Human beings are the complicated ones but most of the time they claims that life is complicated. Funny isn't it?

I used to think that my life is f*cked up especially when someone broke my car's front mirror. But come to think about it, life isn't that bad after all. I spent Rm600 to fix the front mirror but God let me earn Rm600 back by just performing for one night. Amazing isn't it? I love my life and I am gonna make use of it not just today, but everyday... ... =D

By the way, here are 2 photos of me when I was 14/15 years old.

So sweaty and yet I'm being proud of it. Awesome.

Act cute summore. Awesome shyt.

Sorry to end this post with pictures like these that will cause you eye soar.

But HEY! IT'S ME in the picture!! No matter how ugly it is, it's still ME!!
Give face a bit okay? XD


oLive said...

oops no!
now much more cutie and look prettier

Angela Ong said...

Hahaha....But I actually miss those times when I am still 14/15 years old...=D