Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What am I up to?

Well, I am being rather lazy these days. tomorrow is Ear training exam and I have not been practising~!!

Guess what am I up to? No idea huh??
YES!! I am so into Ugly Betty recently!! GOD!!

And you know what?? Today I went to mid valley with darlie to watch >>
Shinjuku Incident~ instead of studying at home. Brilliant right? I know.

Anyways, it's really a nice movie!! At least to me...(I tend to love every movie I watch please don't ask me why.)

As usual, we dine at NANDO'S before movie. Ordered the same thing.
Extra hot chicken.


Camwhore together while waiting for the lift. (Don't judge me!!)

Btw, I am sick of my short hair!!!
I can't wait for my hair to grow long!!! like SERIOUSLY!!

Short hair makes me look stupid!!
Right?? I told you!!

.......please ignore my big nose.......

Just to solve my hair problem, I bought myself a hat/cap or whatever it is!!
Looks better this way?? Hmmmm.....

I am so gonna wear this thing wherever I go from now onwards until my hair is long enough for me to tie it up~!!

That's it for now. Nitez people!! Or I should say Morning people?? Ok, I am confused. X_X


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Hi darling!
U looked great!
Ahh, u colored it back already?

u looked pretty each time I visited here..=)
dont worry, the hair will grow longer later.


@ng31a said...

I didn't..the color just fade off by itself..=)

But seriously..I am sick of my short hair lo!! It don't seem to grow!! =(

Lulu said...

Dun worry pretty, u still looks great wf the short hair~ The hat even make u more cute!

Wat a lovely date u had...

Anonymous said...

im gonna have my finals in a few days and im so lazy too! lol how how how? im gonna faill!! nooooooooo...

lol anyway all the best! =D

@ng31a said...

No~!! My hair is now out of shape!! Even my housemate said so...=(
Can't really judge by just looking at the pictures la...=(

OHHh!!! I don't wanna fail tooooo!!! =( Good luck to you too~^^

Jialin said...

I watched Ugly Betty too! Haha..

I love your make up dear, teach me how to make up, please please because I seriously have no idea how to put on those fake eyelashes and more, sigh.

You look super cute with the hat, dear.

I guess time will cure your problem. Teehee!

No worries, you still look good as always.





@ng31a said...

Jialin dear, sure. But how to teach you? Hmm...maybe I post up a video of me doing my make up next time? I will try k? Muax~^^

Yeah~ I really hope that my hair will grow long as soon as possible!! =)

Andrew said...

owh... shinjuku out already!! LOL =D im so lost with movie nowadays.. LOL =D must go watch!! or get DVD asap.. haha

@ng31a said...

Yes!! It is out!! Must watch~!! I personally think it's nice la~ =)