Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Mid-Autumn(Mooncake) Festival!!

It has been such a busy week..I don't even have a free time to sit down and blog...I thought a lot of people is gonna nag me to blog...but seems like nobody realize that I didn't sad?!?hahaha...Anyway..I would like to wish all of you a HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL!!! =)

Guess who am I gonna celebrate this cool festival with? Those who knew it just keep silent k? hahaha..But no worries..I will still post up some photos that I've taken just now...and you guys will know who I celebrate with..

But this year I celebrate two times for mooncake festival..One was before the actual date..another one is today (the actual date)..I celebrated beearlied MOONCAKE FESTIVAL with my "family members in KL" know who you are..hahaha..We some more had BBQ at Yirui's was really cool you know? I really enjoyed myself a lot..I wanna thank all of you for being there for me when I need someone to be guys had lighten up my life indirectly..but still I can feel it....Thanks a lot ya?

I still remember last year we celebrated this festival together Yirui's place too..We had steamboat last year..Hm...We've slowly increased our family members...Patrick (the story teller), Yinn Cher (the formula man), and Victor (the computerman) have been added into our big family..but there's still someone missing...Someone who is related to Yikling..Non of us know who is that going to be..but sure there will be somebody...hahaha...I donno what am I talking about also...but..Yik know what I mean right? hahaha...

Eddy brought his girlfriend and some other friends of him to join us too..When I think back..Eddy did join our celebration last year too...But that time he brought Jeslin..hahaha..all the girls that he brought is surely from Ipoh one..Ipoh girls are prettier ar? lolx..Now that her girl friend is also from Ipoh...wakakakaka...

Photo session..

Me and Ling ( On the way to Yirui's place)

Me and Vic ( While waiting for daddy to come and pick us up at City Harvest Church)

Ling wait until fall asleep already...hahaha...

Finally~ We reached yirui's place!!

What's daddy and ling doing? Exercising? lolx..

Ling posing...

What's he doing?!?

Me and Ling...

Vic and I..I wonder why he poses like this? Want to show people his back side is it? lolx..

fish pond...

While everybody is busy preparing for the dinner...suddenly I found this guy..don't know what is he doing over there..?!? Not helping at all...!!!

Same to this..Don't know what are they doing also..

See!! Everybody so hardworking..








stand there to pose only...=.="

Dirty victor...hahahaha...

Daddy again..

eat like a kid only..

Eat until so dirty...TAK TAHAN...=.="

Our vegetarian's sausages...yummy yum..

Kesiannya...semua dah hangus pulak...

Our food..

We started eating from 6 or 7 something till 9 something...hebatnya!! hahaha...

I celebrated another time with Victor's family..which is today..Because his grandmother asked me to join them...hahhaa..

I played candles only..

At first I thought of playing masak-masak..But don't have enough equipments..

Very colourful right? Love it so much...I even asked Victor to keep it as remembrance...=)



The end >>>

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